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Why People Hate Skyler White on Breaking Bad — 67 Comments

  1. It looks like we are in good company. Both Breaking Bad and House of Cards landed Emmy Awards. House of Cards was unusual in that it was produced by Netflix to be shown as a streaming entertainment. Cutting edge.

    Of course they had to win Emmys. Audacious spaths make good drama. I always told my ex-spath that he should write his life story because it was so interesting. He told good stories — mostly lies though! Well I guess that leaves it up to me to tell the truth.

    I used to discuss the ex-spath with one of his minions. Minion would say, “You can’t MAKE this sh*t up!” In other words: Truth is stranger than fiction.

    • Skylar, that is WHY it’s so hard to get people to understand and rally around you……short of SHOWING them every twisted contradictory email he has ever sent me……they just don’t get the impact of it.
      I’m sure they think…..oh…..she’s just ………….fill in the blank (Chicken Little).
      My second to last visit with my psychiatrist…..he finally seems to get what this has done to me. He finally seemed to get how traumatic it is for me to be a single white female, living alone and having NO idea who this person really is or what he is capable of.

    • Good about the Emmys…….Maybe more people will watch it and LEARN. But there have been shows and movies about Spaths forEVER and I didn’t have a clue.

  2. Loved reading this article. Thanks. Given that I have only just started watching it on Netflix (currently mid-way through the 3rd series), it was refreshing to get a “new” perspective on the characters. I especially liked the idea that psychopaths are happy to use sympathy/blame to justify their actions, no matter how abhorrent they may be. I can recognize a couple of people I know who have similar traits. They were initially good to socialize with, but over time, they become increasingly…draining. Always blaming others, and never taking responsibility for their own (often erratic) behavior.

  3. Anton,
    I’m glad you liked the article. Walter’s sense of entitlement and his resentment of all the people who succeeded more than he did, put him in the “narcissistic” category. Then when he begins to kill, and to take life and death into his own hands, he becomes something else. He calls himself “the danger”. He dehumanizes himself.

    My exspath called himself “something that you will never hope to meet again”. Then he corrected himself, “I mean someone.” lol. Then, I was talking to his friend, who was telling me about all the young girls my ex-spath was bragging about seducing and he told me that spath referred to the young girls as “it”. So they dehumanize themselves and they also dehumanize others.

    I didn’t get to watch the last season. Do you happen to know when it will come out on DVD?

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