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  1. I think a spath BECOMES a spath for various reasons and some may never be known but i think a spath STAYS a spath because they are chickenSh*ts at heart and chose to stay on the dark side because it’s easier and they have gotten away with it thus far. It requires courage, risk and effort to even think about getting off the freeway to Hell, let alone choosing an exit to get off on. Once you have picked up enough speed and forgotten how to put on the brakes……..not much chance of exiting without crashing (making a fool of yourself) which is the last thing they want to do.
    Spathtardx was very weird……he didn’t appear to care about what others thought of him, how he looked, etc……but he DID (180 Rule)……..just not in the usual way. I think everything about them is hidden under layers and layers of all sorts of lies.
    One thing i wish I would have done……hind sight…….just to know and SEE what his reaction would have been is this……Sometime when he was berating me about something to divert the attention off the topic or himself…… I wish I would have simply said “stop it Spathtard…..I’m embarrassed for you right now. You sound ridiculous.” I know that is wrong and maybe even sounds mean and I might not have the wording just the way I would say it if I did say it……BUT, I might also say, “are you talking to me in a way that you wish you could talk to your mother”? Or, (and I kind of did say this once) “Who ARE you? I don’t even know who you are right now”. Maybe simply, “Who are you right now? I feel embarrassed to see you like this.”
    OK…..sorry for the fantasy ramble there but I do wish I could have confronted this whole thing when we were still together so I might have some solid solid solid impression of what was the truth.

    Something different:
    Yesterday I had the weirdest conversation with a male longterm friend of mine on the phone. He was borderline rude to me because I wasn’t “over this”. He said, I just care about you Dorothy and i thought I’d call today and hoped you had closed the book on this loser but you are not only on the same page as you were the last time I talked to you,,,,,,your still on the first paragraph! Then he gave me the speech about how much more terrible it could have been and how other people have gone through REAL tragedies in their lives…..on and on and on. He was CLEARLY annoyed with me! And very short and interrupted me when i tried to explain, etc!!! He finally came back to the “I just care about you and this is NOT the Dorothy I know”. Once I was able to get a word in……I said, “Why are you speaking so harshly to me if you care? You don’t even have a clue what this has done to me…..you really don’t know what I go through on a daily basis emotionally. And told him that even that morning i was thinking about how if I had a bunch of drugs and KNEW I had the right combo, I’d dress in white, take the drugs, lay down on a white blanket in his driveway in the middle of the early morning with a very well thought through and worded note and let him find me there in the morning.
    I know this sounds dark and wrong and sad and scary but WTF?? He wants me to be over it because he wants me to be there for HIM in the way he wants me to be………for HIM! I hate it that Im not over this. HATE it even more because I know that I loved a “man” that isn’t even worth talking to let alone loving and sharing myself with sexually with only the intention of wanting to please him and give him something he enjoyed. It’s disgusting. I feel so polluted. Polluted on every imaginable level and in every imaginable way.
    He asked me…..”how long were you with this guy? Two years on and off? and you are letting this wreak you like this? That’s not the Dorothy I know”!
    How do you even explain something like why you are so wreaked over some POS like Spathtardx if you don’t understand it yourself??
    Then he went on to tell me that it’s more than likely affecting EVERy relationship/ friendship of mine in a negative way because it’s nothing good,,,,it was NOT a good call.

    Addition……by the end of the call I was able to explain SOME of this in a way that he seemed to “get”. I’d like to ask him this question………how would you feel if I was your daughter? He did say that if he was closer to where I lived and didn’t have kids he’d love to have a “talk” with the loser, and by talk I mean TALK……no violence. My friends are way to reasonable of people to do anything violent to anyone for any reason. Normally the people in my life are not perfect but “good people” (that’s for you Skylar!)
    I can’t tell you how many times a day I have this feeling…….just a weird…..this is my life now feeling….this is really happening Dorothy, there is NO way out or around it. he was really NOT the person you loved, he is more than likely someone who is way sicker, darker and more disgusting than you can even imagine and if you think it makes you feel bad now, knowing the real Spathtard would probably destroy you.

    • Dorothy, I’m sorry that the phone conversation with your friend was hurtful to you. I think, stepping out of the Emotion Box might be helpful to understand HIS response, reaction, or opinion.

      The “Emotion Box” is that place where we – each of us – has spent a great deal of time either during our lives or after a very traumatic event. It is where “feelings” override “facts” and one does not cross paths with the other. I have run on emotions for the bulk of my life, and this was due to my tremendous shame-core that was developed during my childhood.

      For me, personally, I have always felt (yes, “felt”) that a personal explanation or defense of my actions, choices, and decisions was required, especially if I met with someone’s disapproval of any of them. What, you may ask, does THAT have to do with the upsetting conversation that you had? Just this: there is a point when we recognize the shame-core, accept how/what the damage is, and realize that we DO NOT NEED the approval, acceptance, or validation of anyone else but ourselves that relieves us of that compulsion to make others “understand” us, on every level.

      I poured out my life’s history to anyone that would listen, Dorothy, because I honestly believed that someone would CARE if they just “understood” me. Well……..this was a direct symptom of my shame-core and left the door wide open for anyone (disordered, or NOT) to barge through into my world. Once I understood this concept, I began to reconstruct my system of beliefs and began to build boundaries for others, but more for myself. Today, I do NOT discuss the exspath, the financial ruin, how I got where I am, or anything else with the exception of a couple of people that I trust. Even then, I cannot allow myself to “trust” that those couple of people aren’t going to say, “You know, Truthspeak, it’s been almost 2 years since the exspath left. Why can’t you just let it go, now, and get over it?”

      If I give too much of myself, my history, my FEELINGS, my opinions, or my beliefs to anyone – trustworthy, or NOT – there is always a risk that my feelings will be hurt either intentionally, or unintentionally.

      This is where addressing my personal shame-core is taking me: I am not obligated or mandated to “explain” or “defend” myself to ANYONE. Furthermore, I’m not obligated or mandated to seek anyone else’s approval, acceptance, or validation – I have always had that power, and I’m just now learning that I don’t need (NEED) to be fearful of people not liking me. I can like myself, FIRST. I can approve (or, disapprove) of myself, FIRST. I can validate myself, FIRST. This is what I’ve learned about myself and these experiences.

      Yes, this is a long-winded response and I apologize for the length. But, try to take the emotions out of the equation with this friend of yours. He simply may not have a personal frame of reference to understand what you experienced. Try to take the emotions out of this equation and forgive him for his ignorance and be grateful that he cares enough to wish for your personal recovery, even if it didn’t come off as a warm and fuzzy thing.

      There are people that I worked with and were closely associated with for nearly a decade that were well aware that I had lost everything from a bogus relationsh*t of 14+ years to my own home that could not have cared any less about my experiences. I was taken aback, one day, when someone mentioned to me that I needed to “get over it” after the exspath had been gone for 3-4 months. Really? Get OVER it? You bet my feelings were hurt – had they ever lost their homes, their personal investments to fraud, their job, their transportation, their belongings, their livelihood, or their emotional and physical well-being at the hands of a long-con?

      So, I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut and accept (NOT necessarily “like”) that other people simply cannot, do not, and never will “understand” my situation or my experiences.

      There ya go……….LOL!!!!

      • Truthy……Oh Truthy………. I can’t keep my mouth shut! I don’t know what to say or when to say or not say it! Seriously! The thing I found interesting about this interaction……….SO many things actually………First of all this guy is adopted and I’ve known him for almost 30 years. He is a little bit spathy but not in a horrible way. I was hurt at the time, during the invalidating phase of the call but I SAW so much about him! I don’t think I’ve ever known someone who puts on more of an overcompensation show about how great of a guy he is. I will say this……at least he is trying through his actions to be a better person than he was when he was younger and he is certainly not “evil” or a user. BUT….there are some serious unaddressed issues hovering below the surface and I think that when I talk about anything real, it makes him uncomfortable. I’ve seen it before about adoption and finding my birth mother.
        So Truthy……..it’s hard for me to explain! I don’t feel like I NEED his validation but I got caught up in this weird explanation loop and I did want to champion myself because he was not on target. I felt misunderstood and I also saw that this was about HIM, not me yet he was saying he cared about ME! I could hear it in his voice, and bare in mind I’ve known this guy for almost 30 years…..I could hear that. And I’ve felt that type of attitude with him before,,,,,interrupting, one upping something i said before even engaging with what I had said.
        I also “think” there was some underlying jealousy going on. He used to be quite hung up on me and actually were an item for a while but I ended it…….Seriously, I used to get into “”relationships”” before I even THOUGHT about it and then would find myself wrapped up with someone I really did not want to be with in that way. I don’t think he appreciated hearing about how much I loved Spathtard.
        Anyhow………I had more of an issue with the way he handled the conversation than the fact that he didn’t validate me or….whatever. I just knew he was not listening and there fore not understanding but “building his case” on his misunderstanding and perspective……OH BROTHER! So hard to explain! I do want to feel understood if I’m communicating with someone……..what’s the point of communicating otherwise? LOL
        So, I understand the concept of the things you are saying but I don’t know how to be that way. Things just roll out of my mouth. The other day I gave some guy my phone number and directions to me friggin house! Why? Because he’s a mushroom hunter and said he’s like to go mushroom hunting! Only after i gave him my number and DREW HIM A MAP to my house did I think,,,,WAIT A MINUTE! Maybe I shouldn’t have done that and asked the woman who owns the store If he was “OK”! They had been talking and that’s how I met him, so of course he has to be ok, right? OMG! I need a body guard!

        • Dorothy, I’m almost 2 years out and I’m just now learning about myself, who I am, how my shame-core was created, and what I need to do in order to SHED the shame and rewire my thinking and beliefs, and construct boundaries that never existed. At one point in my life, I would have responded exactly as you did with the mushroom hunter. WHY would I have responded like that????

          I’ll tell you: because I did not want to FEEL as if I was a “bad person” by setting boundaries. “Good people” give. “Bad people” take. That’s what I was taught, and that’s what I believed. This belief was created by the dysfunctional dynamics of alcoholism that I was raised in.

          You wrote, “I do want to feel understood if I’m communicating with someone……..what’s the point of communicating otherwise?” I also strongly identify what that and used to believe the exact same thing. I learned that the energy that I expended on my efforts to be “understood” were pretty much wasted in most situations, particularly when the people did not have their own personal frame of references.

          I was compelled to explain and defend myself because that was how I spent my childhood: explaining why I was dirty, hungry, neglected, abused, and abandoned to wander the neighborhood in my nightgown on cold, winter nights. “Where is your MOTHER?! Where is your FATHER?! Do they KNOW that you’re out here at this hour?!?!?!” neighbors would demand to know!!! Well, I couldn’t speak truthfully about my mother being drunk, again, and having chased me out of the house and locking the door when I was 9 years old, could I? My mother’s drinking was the gorilla in the living room – it was there, it wrecked the furniture, and it wouldn’t leave, but there was NO acknowledgment that the gorilla even existed. Alcoholism, being drunk, being passed-out, being abusive, neglecting, and abandoning me (and, each other) were NOT open to discussion – ever.

          My personal shame-core was something that was identified by my counselor within the first session. This dynamic was the godsend that I honestly needed, Dorothy, because it ALL MADE SENSE, at long last. My entire lifetime of stupid, stupid choices and nonchalant approach to caring for myself – my Self – was explained in its entirety when I read “Healing The Shame That Binds You.” Now………………..(mopping brown)………….that does NOT mean that it was easy or simple to accept and address. But, it gave me a place to start.

          Today, I do not “care” whether or not someone likes me, approves of me, or offers me validation. That may sound spathy, but it’s not by any stretch of the imagination. It’s self-protective. If I give MORE concern for what someone might think about me, then I’m giving another human being the green light to either make my day, or break it. Today, I can say, “No,” without feeling guilty or as if I’m a “bad person.”

          I hope that clarifies things a little bit.

          • Truthy……..I am good at saying no WHEN I recognize the need to and unlike what you describe about not being able to be honest about what was going on in your family? I was the blabber mouth servant in our dramarama. I didn’t keep secrets in our family. I wasn’t taking out ads in the paper but to the best of my ability to see and understand at that age, I didn’t keep things to myself. I was always looking for the validation of my perceptions through others that I wasn’t about to get in the famdamnly. I’ve always double checked myself with others because I need to process my perceptions verbally, I have to……..it’s the way my brain works. if I don’t talk to someone OUTLOUD, my thoughts become a jumbled bumper car mess in my mind. I’ve always sought out the things I wasn’t getting in the family outside of the family. I don’t know why or how I did it but i think it saved me in a way. Not entirely obviously….with my drinking history what it is but when I talk to someone about stuff I do it more because i need to understand and that is my vehicle to understanding.
            The mushroom hunter guy…….LOL. I didn’t say yes when I meant no or wanted to say no…….in the moment, I thought it sounded fun and i love the out doors and i’ve always wanted to learn to find mushrooms! It was after the fact that I reflected back on the whole interaction and got a bad feeling about what I had just opened myself up to. I recalled that I THINK I got a weird “feeling” like he was checking out my breasts. Im not even sure but I walked away and KNEW I had just done something I probably shouldn’t do and couldn’t take back.
            if he calls i’m just going to say i changed my mind and I’m busy. If he shows up? He had asked if he could just come over sometime………he said “probably not, huh?” I said yeah…no. Not an option. I was So excited at the time! and he’s a basket weaver! A mushroom hunting basket weaving guy can’t be a spath, right?? No cause for alarm here! Just caught up in the chatting, rolling along with it.
            !!!!!DOROTHY!!!!! Thats the point…..I didn’t even try to say no or feel like saying no, not until we had parted. It just didn’t register to say, I’ll think about it and let you know through K. I’ll leave a message with her and my # if I want to go.
            Truthy, I don’t think there is any way around it…..I need to order that book and see if it rings true for me.
            as far as communicating…….I know I have this problem…….ramble, stop, swich subjects, stop, regroup, where was i, what do you want to talk about now? We were? LOL. My shrink sees it. So I do try really hard to be clear and when things go off track it’s not hard for me to try to stop and figure out where I may have missed something or left something out or misunderstood something that I need reexplained.
            This guy had a bug up his a** about something yesterday….I could feel it. he gave me a comparison example involving two sister and a tragedy that happened to one of them and how that is a REAL trauma! And she got through is and is back together…… Well I got the two sisters names messed up and he was cross with me for not understanding which was which! I barely knew the one girl I knew and had never even met her sister! He dated the sister for over two years……. Jeesh!
            Now, having said all that? He was in an automobile accident about 10 or so years ago and had a TBI, brain bleed. SO, who knows. But I’ve had a couple head injuries myself.
            Truthy, I’m sorry Im rambling here! Thank you for your wisdom and sharing your progress. I’m going to try to order that book today. I have a weird past feeling about John Bradshaw. He bothered me for some reason but I don’t know why now and it wasn’t his books it was watching him talk.
            HUGS Truthy!

    • Dorothy,
      Most people do NOT understand what it’s like to have a close encounter with pure evil. It’s not something that can be explained. That’s why stories are told about it.

      It’s similar to facing death. Except the difference is that this death is a murder. It’s up close and personal. It’s filled with malice. You don’t just face your own impending death, you are also exposed to all the toxic emotions of the psychopath as he attempts to murder you. It’s as if he tries to kill you with his own vomit. And then there’s another layer: right before he vomits on you, he smiles and he seems like an angel that’s going to kiss you.

      That’s the part about Walter White’s fictional experience that does ring true. Facing death changes you. I know that from experience. You either change or you die.

      • Skylar, I know…………I certainly didn’t and if everything I now believe to be true IS true………he is exactly that.
        I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought something was terribly wrong with him/ us……..only to turn around and think everything is ok! How many times I told my best friend that things seem different this time and they DID! How many times I was hopeful that this time things were going to turn around because he really sounded so determined and convincing. Seriously? THAT WAS ALL A GAME? and I was clueless that it was a game? I accused him so many times of having nefarious intentions of one sort or another, sex, money, babysitter….but he always insisted that I was insulting him with my doubts and that he could not understand how he could feel the way he felt about me and I could not feel and know that.
        NOW I think that those words meant something entirely different!!
        I do feel like I have died Skylar. I don’t feel like myself anymore. It’s like the whole world flipped upside down and it’s all different……..nothing is in the same place anymore and quite honestly……..all I want right now is to lay in his arms and sleep……..I miss him so much and my brain just can’t handle that contrast! HOW? How can i miss someone who took a huge dump on my heart, home, mind and dignity? I feel like i’m in the twilight zone.

  2. STRICT ASIDE: another movie to add to the spath dynamic is a classic titled, “Shadow Of A Doubt” starring a young Joseph Cotton.

    Without giving everything away about this intense flick, I must say that it examines almost every facet of sociopathy and family dynamics. REALLLLLLLY a fantastic movie.

    • Truthy,
      I couldn’t get that movie on streaming netflix but it sounds like a good one.

      Netflix has “House of Cards” on streaming. It’s about a spathy politician and his spathy wife scheming to climb the power ladder in DC. At first I didn’t think I’d like it — who wants to see more politicians doing what they do best? right?

      But watching it was eye opening. Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood portrays the best spath I’ve seen on TV. He seems so NICE. He reminds me of my exspath in his ability to move people around like chess pieces. Everyones’ vulnerabilities are assessed for future reference, to be made useful in pursuit of his agenda.

  3. Skylar,

    House of Cards is THE best depiction of sociopathic manipulation I have seen. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are so good in these roles. His ability for long-term manipulation of each player, in order to achieve his goals, is astounding (and I think brilliantly shown by the writers/directors).

    Unlike Breaking Bad’s Mr. White, the Underwood character is unambiguously psychopathic. And the character is so good with his mask of decency and caring. It’s just downright creepy being able to see it all from the ‘inside’.

  4. Slim,
    The way that such shallow characters are given depth, is brilliant. Underwood is depicted as “loving” his wife, yet he has no problem with throwing her needs under the bus in order to achieve his own, more important, needs.

    She also shows some kind of depth in her desire for a child. But I noticed it didn’t show up until she sees the desire being modeled by her pregnant co-worker.

    I hope they show another season. Can’t wait to find out how they both get betrayed by the reporter they’ve been using as a puppet.

    • I just added the first disk to my Netflix Que!! I have never seen anything with Kevin Spacey in it that I didn’t like.
      Have I been under a rock?? I’ve never heard of all these shows!

  5. Okay……..so, I’ve been watching “Breaking Bad” since this article was posted, and I have to say that I don’t feel one ounce of pity for Walt, Jesse, Hank, or Mary. It’s a pack of absolute narcissism and it’s very well done, though the particulars of HOW Walt got into “The Life” are pretty far-fetched.

    That Walt made the choice to enter “The Life” in the first place is just a symptom of whatever underlying issues that the character had to begin with.

    Jesse is a perpetual victim, in my book. This guy gets beat up more than one could possibly imagine.

    Hank is just plain messed up. Mary, his wife, is a self-centered, self-absorbed biatch and needs a firm, sound slap across her lying face.

    ASIDE: anyone who has streaming Netflix can watch this series, at will, without having to wait for DVD’s to arrive in the mail. 😉

    “House of Cards.” Gonna have to check that out, too. AND……..and, and, and…………”Walking Dead” begins a new season in one month!!!!

  6. In case anyone noticed, my blog was experiencing growing pains today.
    According to Kazimierz Dąbrowski’s theory of positive disintegration, this should have been a leap forward, but so far I’ve had to move back to the old software because my plugins don’t work together.


    Well at least it’s working. again.

    BTW, Joyce has a guest writer on her blog today: Her name is Babette Hughes. She survived prohibition, the depression and the assassination of her father, a bootlegger.

    check it out on http://familyarrested.com/the-families-of-criminals/
    and click the link where you can read one chapter of her book.

    I’ll try to add Amazon links to both our blogs. I think “The Hat” will be a good story.

  7. Jill, good link. Rape survivors can validate each other. We can’t pretend it didn’t happen and that the world is a safe place. Just like psychopaths, the rapist has the same ol’ bag of trricks. We need to teach these disordered behaviors until they are so well recognized that even the youngest child can point and say, “look mommy, look at the funny spath.”

  8. Skylar, Jill, of course it doesn’t apply to me! I can’t go on there and say my “live in” BF decieved me, told me how much he loved me, how wonderful of a person I was, how someday I would know how much he loved me, how we were a team and would fight for this together, how he wanted to be with me for the rest of his life, how there was no one else he wanted to spend his time with, how he couldn’t wait to get home every day and see me, how when I cry, he crys, how when I smile he smiles, how all he wants is for me to be happy, how this relationship was way more important to him than drinking, more important than anything really, how he knew that I loved him and it felt wonderful, how I was a wonderful lover, beautiful, smart, perceptive, insightful person, how I was different than anyone he had ever been with………………………and continued to jerk the hook and the bait out of my throat time after time in a way that I just couldn’t figure out…..all the while willingly and happily receiving sexual “favors” from me. Not only do I consider that physical rape but he raped my heart and my mind to a level of damage that I’m still becoming aware of. I still haven’t realized the extent of what this has done to me but every day it becomes more clear that I was sexually pleasuring a perfect stranger, allowing in my home and my heart a perfect stranger. “We love each other Dorothy and that is what will keep us together”.

  9. Dorothy,
    deception and betrayal is the worst kind of rape. It is an assault on your body, through your mind. That’s why they call it a mind-f*ck. And while it may not leave the typical bruises, it often sets the stage for PTSD and the cancers and autoimmune diseases that go along with it.

    • Skylar, You know what???? I never knew what that term really meant. No kidding! I’ve heard it a million times and even used it myself but i never knew what it meant.
      Thank you for putting that so concisely Skylar. I need to print that out and put it on a card and hand it to everyone who thinks I should just get over it and move on. Even what I typed above……it’s a fraction of the way i was lead on. He NEVER approached me for sex…..maybe once……he always LED me towards pleasuring him, on his back, very subtle and I LOVED to make him feel good that way. It made me feel good to make him feel good.that was not a two way street by any stretch of the imagination. He actually told me once, well half way said it (hard to explain), “it would be different if you just org**med in five minutes”. Then tried to backtrack on what he said…..mind f’ing, toying, testing, playing. SICK!

      • The assault of the mind-f**k penetrates into the victim’s soul. When I finally saw that the spath had been trying to get me to commit suicide, I understood just how diabolical he was. It was not enough to outright kill me. He got even more pleasure from thinking that he could manipulate me into doing the deed for him. He’s a complete idiot.

        I was thinking about how he likes to manipulate cops, or anyone who has any authority. I remembered how he would rage whenever he got a parking ticket. Parking was scarce where we lived when we first met and the metermaids were always trolling, looking for victims.

        Then I remembered how he had told me that one of his previous girlfriends had committed suicide. He also told me that she had worked as a meter maid.

        I’ve no doubt that he targeted her from day one, with intent to drive her to her death. He told me that their relationshit had lasted about a year and a half.

        • 1+1+1=3. Yes, ANOTHER “tell”………Spathtardx told me one time, after i had told him that I felt like killing myself….that his xwife #1&2 (married her twice) had a gun in her mouth one time. Hello? I’m 54 and no one I’ve ever dated did something like that! I should of asked him why!? She was also an “evil, vengeful bit*h”. Vengeful? Why? for what??
          I’ve had a hard time dealing with some of my past relationshits, even a hard time letting go at the end of a bad relationshit……..but vengeance? Why didn’t i ask???? Actually now i see why……..I was already trained not to ask because a) he would have blown it off b) he would have lied c) he would have blown up, spun the whole thing around and I would end up being guilty of SOMEthing. That training started VERY early. And I am NOT one to not confront but I had never encountered this POS’s tactics before and I loved him and valued our relationshit. Why? Because of all the things I said in an earlier post. I knew i loved him and he assured me he loved me.

          • Skylar, you know, it’s weird……..I was just thinking……in nature, if a tree has an injury of some kind, a wound, it leaves it vulnerable to an invasion of parasitic insects. If the tree can repair it’s self quickly it will have a scar from the injury but be able to keep growing no matter and basically be unaffected in the long run. If the parasitic insects move in and start to take over the tree, the tree is weakened and eventually dies because its ability to heal it’s self is now compromised by the insects internal damage.
            Im sure you see the analogy…….. but do we think the insects are BAD or WRONG? no, it’s just what they do and how they are to survive. They look for damaged trees and sometimes even manage to get into healty trees if they have the ability.
            Where I live there is this monster bug called a Pine Bore Beatle and it attacks young pine trees up where the young healthy new growth is (don’t quote me on this proceedure) and the tree is deformed for life. IDK…….
            Just food for thought…..

        • Skylar………were you broken hearted? Or had your relationshit with him disintegrated to the point that it was easier to accept and walk (run) away from?
          Please don’t be offended by the question, I’m not meaning to minimize what you felt.

    • Skylar,,,,last week i watched the first three installments of House of Cards. He makes my skin crawl and reminds me of Spathtard in some very weird subtle way. It would be subtle because I’m almost certain i never fully saw the real Spathtard.
      So did you, i’m sure you did, notice the mother element to Claire? Once again, I sent it back without watching a second time through but I’m so impatient to see the next three segments!
      My friend with the disordered Ppath X-husband had seen the british version which proceeded this and said it was much better, Just throwing that out there…..FYI-like. I like Kevin Spacey and struggle with movies in a british accent.It makes a movie even harder for me to follow.

        • well, this was in one of the first three segments. It was about the rowing machine but there were other subtle indicators. Picking out his suits stands out. Maybe something about eating? Care taking, mothering? I have only watched three though…….to be continued!

        • I only know the British version of the 90s. The young female journalist was played by the same actress who played Jane Bennet in the 1995 BBC Pride & Prejudice series with Colin Firth. Oooh, that ‘whip’ was a nasty ‘posh’ man.

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