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  1. Some great conversations here and some good advice as well,

    Michelec you are indeed fighting an up hill battle…our friend who used to post here who is deceased now, had custody of her grandson (a special needs kid) because her daughter was a drug addict, prostitute who was also bi-polar and psychopathic…and the daughter sued her for custody (with a state appointed attorney) a GAL got involved and wanted to put this kid into FOSTER care so he would have a better chance of “bonding” with his mother. ???????DUH???? anyway, the GAL kept saying this or that outrageous thing TO INFLATE HER BILLABLE HOURS…not for the child’s benefit, but to get money for herself. The bill eventually totalled over 10$K, which the grandparents had to pay as the mother had NO money.

    I’m aware of several other cases where the child was taken away from the protective parent and given to the abuser, there is even an association in California called the California Protective Parents Association, google them and contact them even if you don’t live in California, they have some good information and are quite politically active.

    Psychopaths tend to want jobs with power, judges, politicians, police, military, etc so the courts are FULL of them. Also many therapists are ill equipped to deal with REAL LIFE and real trauma. I was fortunate like Truthspeak to find a licensed TRAUMA therapist and they ARE hard to find and our stories are so BIZZARE that many times they don’t believe us, Even mine after listening to me tell him for two how my entire family was “out to get me” had some questions and wanted me to bring in someone who could verify my outrageous story. And when he asked that (being a former therapist myself before my retirement) I actually quit crying and LAUGHED because I knew he thought I was psychotic. LOL

    And yes, our stories are CRAZY….and sometimes only someone who has LIVED IT can totally relate.

    There are several stages to healing ourselves, and we MUST HEAL OURSELVES before we can care for someone else. Many of us have come from dysfunctional families that have programmed us to take care of others but not ourselves and this vulnerability causes us to neglect ourselves and our own healing. Like the airlines tell you in an emergency if the Oxygen mask falls down, put on your OWN before you try to help someone else put on theirs.

    The “crazy making” that psychopaths do to us keeps us so stressed out that we are hardly able to function on a basic level. I know I was a “blithering idiot” for quite some time, and slowly, slowly, I started to heal. We must find calm and peace in order to think rationally and I know I was irrational for a long time, able to do little but obscess and cry….Mine has been a LONG HARD STRUGGLE but I am at a place now where there is PEACE and tranquility in my life. Skylar and Truthspeak and I are “old friends” who have held each other’s hands through the rough spots. I can’t tell you that a healilng journey has an “end” because I think it is a JOURNEY that we must keep on going for the rest of our lives and not fall into the pit falls, sink holes and other things that will always crop up in LIFE…but by strengthening ourselves we are able to navigate the journey in a positive direction. God bless you, and just take one day at a time.

  2. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/02/us/robert-dear-planned-parenthood-shooting.html?
    This article in the NY Times, describes Robert Dear, the mass murderer, as “contradictory”.
    This bothered me because from the description of his words and actions, I would describe him as a hypocrite.
    All psychopaths are hypocrites but it seems that nobody would describe him as a psychopath until after he murdered 3 people. The article doesn’t mention psychopaths either, but it’s not a great leap.

    His charming personality with women, whom he played against one another, marrying one while cheating on another, and soon moving on to the next one before he goes back to have a baby with a previous one…
    that’s the story that gets told over and over when it comes to psychopaths.

    But there’s more. He is described by each woman in very different terms. One called him by many names.

    In the end, if he had never killed anyone, he wouldn’t be considered a psychopath by most. They would probably call him a narcissist. That’s why I like the term, “spath”. It’s not a medical term but it fits. This guy is a dangerous person. The red flags are that he abuses people he perceives as weaker than himself and he wears the masks of good people in order to do it.

    Really, what more do we need to define a spath?

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