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  1. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/02/us/robert-dear-planned-parenthood-shooting.html?
    This article in the NY Times, describes Robert Dear, the mass murderer, as “contradictory”.
    This bothered me because from the description of his words and actions, I would describe him as a hypocrite.
    All psychopaths are hypocrites but it seems that nobody would describe him as a psychopath until after he murdered 3 people. The article doesn’t mention psychopaths either, but it’s not a great leap.

    His charming personality with women, whom he played against one another, marrying one while cheating on another, and soon moving on to the next one before he goes back to have a baby with a previous one…
    that’s the story that gets told over and over when it comes to psychopaths.

    But there’s more. He is described by each woman in very different terms. One called him by many names.

    In the end, if he had never killed anyone, he wouldn’t be considered a psychopath by most. They would probably call him a narcissist. That’s why I like the term, “spath”. It’s not a medical term but it fits. This guy is a dangerous person. The red flags are that he abuses people he perceives as weaker than himself and he wears the masks of good people in order to do it.

    Really, what more do we need to define a spath?

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