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    • Hi Maria,
      the term “trojan horse” comes from the story of the Greek strategy to win the war against the city of Troy. They brought a “gift” to the gates of Troy, a large wooden statue of a horse. Hidden inside the horse was an army of Greeks. Once inside the gate, the Greeks waited until night fall and opened the gates of Troy, allowing the rest of the Greek army inside to destroy Troy, from the inside out.

      All psychopaths do this. They all trick us into lowering our defenses and then proceed to destroy us from the inside out.

      But usually when I use the expression “Trojan Horse” in regards to the psychopaths, I mean that they will literally send another psychopath to infiltrate your family and friends. This psychopath is tasked to become a close friend or even marry into your family so that they can influence everyone around you to act against you. While this sounds “crazy” and implausible, it’s actually a VERY common thing for spaths to do. I would even say that they can’t help themselves from doing it. It’s part of their slandering method.

      It’s also another way that they re-direct blame away from themselves. It’s a way for them to have an alibi, it’s a way to set up a patsy. Nothing is ever their fault and they plan that from the beginning, in so many ways.

      One of the reasons that they can do this is because they are able to recognize each other. The stronger psychopath will usually recruit the patsy psychopath to do their dirty work for them.

      I should write a whole article on it. There is so much to say about it.

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      • Maria, welcome. I think Skylar adequately answered your question about Trojan Horses and it is a quite common thing with psychopaths. My Psychopathic son who is in prison for murder sent one of his ex celll mate buddies, a 3 x convicted pedophile to rent a house from me and he tried to kill me, then tried to kill my oldest son…when he couldn’t accomplish all that he ended up going back to prison for a short time, but I have no doubt that my son will find another patsy, convince him that if I die my son will inherit huge amounts of money which he says he will share with the Trojan Horse, but of course the TH willl get nothing.

    • Maria, welcome to 180rule. I hope that you’ll feel comfortable on this blog. And, if you’re here because you’ve had an encounter with a psychopath or sociopath, that’s very unfortunate. Most of us never knew what hit us, and it’s quite a challenge to recovery and heal from those betrayals.

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