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    • Hi STJ,
      That’s funny I was just thinking about that video last night! We must be on the same wave length.
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      I fixed it so it’s set now to 3 or more links.

  1. Oooo, I like those lyrics. I can’t play the song on mobile but I will definitely check it out tonight.

    STJ, your words are very encouraging and I value everything you and Sky say. That’s why I believe you’re right. I’m not at all up to par on what the younger generations are doing or thinking so I’m so happy and relieved to hear they are getting wise to the truth about these evil predators.

    And I should not worry about the outcome, I should just be glad I’m joining in the good fight. We have to keep going, if not but to save one person let alone millions.

  2. Woundlicker,
    Good Morning to you!
    No worries, I fixed it.
    There might be a way to make the blog so you can edit your own posts. I’m not sure, I’ll have to investigate it. Feel free to email me if you want to say something but aren’t comfortable posting it.

  3. Woundlicker,

    I really like what you wrote: that you are glad you joined the good fight. Me too. ME TOO!

    Have a lovely day, everyone. I am off to the sunshine and the garden (and the gym!). I will check in later…..


  4. Woundlicker,
    for some reason, the post you wrote above (#25 on May 9) about Kate’s song, Running up that Hill, just appeared in my inbox today…weird.

    Anyway, I checked out the song on line,and I really liked it.
    this video is great and the lyrics are spot on about trading places. She must’ve met a spath.

    • I’m showing my age, aren’t I? I’ve never seen this video but it’s far too poetic and graceful to relate to my situation with ex spath. Try to envision “South Park” on ice. Now we’re talkin’.

  5. Yea, sky, it is like waking up from a nightmare…and we realize it is real, but no one else wants to validate our experience. They can’t seem to get their minds around that someone who “looks normal” can be a psychopath, the media has made them out to be serial killers with wild eyed looks,and maybe horns or a tail.

    People do tend to shy away from us because it is very much like we told them we were abducted by space aliens so we must be crazy.

    I so wanted to be validated by SOMEONE and like you I turned to my church, and they took the side of the Trojan Horse Psychopath, a 3 X convicted sex offender and refused to even look at the EVIDENCE I had that he had molested 3 children ages 9, 11, and 14, because HE TOLD them it was really a 17 year old girl he had sex with and she told him she was 18. Did they ever check his story? Not on your life. They dismissed me as a liar. I was just being mean to this poor man who had joined the church and had told them he had been in prison for having sex with this 17 year old girl. Did even one of them talk to the local sheriff who knew the truth? Nope.

    Later, it turned out that the “minister” was arrested for trying to lure a “14 year old girl” (who turned out to be a 40 year old deputy sheriff) and he was arrested himself for trying to have sex with a minor. Hummmmmm? Makes me wonder why he accepted this man’s story doesn’t it?

    Later, the church tried to “keep it quiet” in the community that the minister had been arrested and why. I went to the minister’s court hearing, walked in and slapped him on the back and said “Well, Dickie, what on earth are YOU doing here?” (it was a court in another town) To my way of thinking, every member of that church should have been there. Not whispering and trying to keep the community from finding out.

    The same way that none of those people came forward to say “sorry we didn’t believe you” after the Trojan HOrse was arrested for trying to kill my son C or for having an affair with C’s wife, but they went to visit them in jail to comfort them. LOL So I no longer attend that church or have anything to do with them. It was a small congregation, maybe 50 members, and they all had known me since I was a child. Yet I was the liar, and he was the one they embraced, even after he went to jail for attempted murder, and my DIL for helping him by buying him a gun (illegal to buy a gun for a felon who cannot have a gun)

    I found out that we must validate ourselves. It might be nice to be validated by others, but in the end, our knowledge of what is REAL is all we truly need.

    • Oxy,
      I find it despicable that your entire congregation could side with 2 pedophiles. It just goes to show how much power these creeps have. Their shamelessness is part of their power. Because they don’t act ashamed, people think they are not actually guilty. Then they tried to make YOU look like you were the crazy one because you have an aversion to pedophiles! such a WTF? moment it must’ve been.

      Yes, we do need to validate our own selves, that’s true. Part of that is learning as much as we can about the spath experience, so we can understand what happened.

  6. This article seemed like the best one to invite those in recovery from their spath / ppath experiences to participate in an anonymous survey. All respondants remain anonymous and there is no cost involved other than generating a membership to the site, much the same type as membership to 180rule.com has. There’s no subsequent spamming involved as I’ve been involved with this site for nearly a decade.

    The survey has a number of questions and answer options, as well as some opportunities to post an anonymous response to the specific question.


    And, this article discusses the challenge of both acknowledging evil in its purest form, but also the horrifying awakening when we realize that we have literally been touched by evil. Something that needs further exploration and discussion, IMHO.

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