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  1. Great article. Don’t forget education of parenting coordinators. ASPD/NPDs run rampant with their joint legal custody rights, which they wield like a sword to harm their ex and children. My ex would refer to his “JLC rights”. This is another “authority” they have to use. He would use it to veto anything and everything I tried to do to help my children, as if his “No” was more powerful than my “Yes”. Everyone around us fell for it or were too intimidated to challenge him.

  2. Yes! I couldn’t agree more. The courts should be taking the lead on education about malignant narcissists and how to spot them. Unfortunately, it’s not just the people being brought to court that have this personality disorder, often times we see it in the lawyers, the Guardian Ad Litems, and even the judges. Narcissists are addicted to the drama, the roles of power and the guarantee that there will always be a sacrificial lamb at the end.

  3. Very good point. It seems like empaths are devoted to logic, and for sociopaths logic is their enemy. They have a very fluid relationship with the truth, and gravitate to roles where they can manipulate facts to serve their purposes. Lawyers, politicians. They have no problem arguing for a position which defies logic. Empaths are not capable of this. Yesterday my 14 year old daughter was in a group text disagreement with two friends, about wearing masks. I am a scientist, and so is one of the girls’ mothers, and these two were arguing for wearing a mask. The other girl was arguing against. I asked my daughter what that girl wanted to be when she grew up. A lawyer. I said, that figures….

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