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  1. It still amazes me that ordinary people will believe fantastic stories from these psychopathic types. One of my friends once said of my ex: “he can make anything sound plausible.”

  2. I knew in my gut the exspath was bad news but I thought I was smarter than him and could figure out how to change him for the better. He destroyed all my boundaries and my soul in the process. He framed me with a video he took of us without me knowing so I couldn’t tell anyone I was abused or that he stole, dealt drugs, contact any of the dozens of people he was screwing, etc., etc. He even gave the video to his mom for proof I was the bad one. Who does that?! I know now to trust my instincts.

  3. How Ramrotten had projected his own crime of impersonating a police officer to frame her for fake crimes was evidence enough for me that law enforcement was complicit at some point in this setup, especially since they knew he’d been an informer for years. Did that law enforcement agency provide Ramrotten, a convicted criminal, with a gun and badge too?

    Yes, I agree with the victim that she has every reason to have no faith in the system; were it not for a judge that was thankfully not corrupt, she was fortunate to have been found innocent.

    Ramrotten’s obsession with crime shows on TV is telling: grown men don’t bond symbiotically with fictitious objects or characters and copy and use plots and schemes from Hollywood to set people up. I think many psychopaths do this all the time, and that Hollywood enables and promotes psychopathy like nobody’s business.

    The psychopath that targeted me beginning in March 2007 was obsessed with anything having to do with publicity, news, TV, anything media related but kept that well cloaked, and still does. They obsess with crafting role(s) and costumes to use to find real life victims to “trade good for evil.”

    What is scary is that Ramrotten was successful at carrying out his fictitious and extremely dangerous role in real life – he made that persona real for years, and within a law enforcement agency.

    Ramrotten’s eyes give off pure evil.

    There was a comment in one of the news stories that Ramrotten’s mother defended her son and blamed the victim her son raped and framed. Funny how those evil mothers pop in to defend their demon seeds, isn’t it?

    Thank you, Skylar, for this article, and for all of the links to this story.

    • I can all but guarantee that my spaths mother would ( probably is as I speak ) jump to his defense. She is his chief enabler and I was being groomed as her predecessor. There is no doubt that if he would have had his way, I would have gotten screwed eventually, way worse than just emotionally. He is an amature compared to some of the spaths I read about on this site……and in the news but he leaves a trail of destruction none the less. Btw…..he loved CSI and Law and Order. Favorite movie, or one of them was…..Seven. Oh, could I go on and on……
      It’s at times like this that I really hope karma was instant because I’d love to be there when it bites him in the ass.

      • Isn’t it incredible how the revelations begin to make themselves known? The small details that surface? I think it’s self-empowering for the victim, but difficult to remember that it is because those revelations, for me, based on my experience, come with feelings of sometimes indescribable repulsion.

  4. Ok…..just please forgive my spelling mistakes! I’m the worst and for some reason I can’t get the edit feature to work right. ( ameture )

    AncientHeart, I need a new word for repulsion, it’s not adequate. Since I found out about all of this Spath stuff, I feel like I need a whole new vocabulary. I have never felt more disoriented in my life.
    I liked someone’s comment about wondering if they all attended the same Spath school. When I read that about the CSI / Law and Order, my eyes widened in disbelief!

      • LOL! thanks for the laugh Ancient heart.

        It’s true that we do need a new vocabulary. How do you describe what can only be felt? It’s revulsion that starts somewhere in the gut and spreads out to encompass the surface of the skin. It’s slime.

        • That graphic always makes me laugh. Dorothy, I hope you enjoyed it too and I hope it lightened your mood.

          For me it was near impossible to describe the feelings of being slimed, it was and is so anti-life.

          • OMG! That is a good one!! Hysterical. I’m not a huge Jim Cary fan but that whole seen in the movie is friggin hysterical. Same with the Mike Meyrs movies…. The Spy That Shagged Me (?). There is one screen that about makes me wet my pants when I see it, and also apples to being disoriented. Don’t know if you have seen those movies but there is a sceen where Austin Powers is trying to turn a golf cart around is a hallway and it is so funny!!
            Thanks for the laugh Ancient Heart!

        • For me it starts in my heart area and stays there. Like he shot a hole through my heart and my soul and energy are sucked out. I have never felt such heart break in my life. True and utter betrayal and humiliation. I can’t stop the thoughts about what he was really thinking and feel like I was just some kind of circus act or puppet to him. It’s like a pain in my chest and soul that I can’t give birth to. Like I’m in labor with it and having contractions but it won’t come out.
          I can’t describe how many times a day I get that pit of the stomach feeling when I realize this is really happening……it’s not a dream…and it’s me that’s not dreaming it.
          I’m guessing I must have felt something very similar as a baby separated from my mother and then kept SOMEwhere for nine weeks to be adopted. It’s a very primal pain that is almost without words to describe it. It truly does feel like slime, the slime a slug leaves on your fingers that won’t rinse off. You picked the perfect picture on that one Skylar, again!

          • That primal pain is a wonderful description of understanding that feeling, Dorothy. Your awareness of it is proof of your innocence and puts the responsibility of not just the original perps, but the ex too, where it rightly belongs. I don’t know if you enjoy taking baths, bubble or herb baths, but for those people who do, they can be very soothing in a primal way. Water is soothing, mothering, comforting.

            What I did when I experienced what you described is divorce myself from the original perps and baptize myself to a new primal parent which is the primordial providential power that knows only love. What many call God. I see God more as a feminine primordial power, that is my own personal preference. I see Earth as feminine as well.

            I had a dream several years ago which to this day still is very clear in my memory. In the dream I was in the house where I grew up which was full of evil. I walked into my parents’ bedroom, and it was gray, cold and empty. No furnishings, just a cold wood floor. The curtains on the windows were filthy and shredded and brutally cold wind was coming through the windows and blowing them about.

            I walked down the short hallway to the bedroom my sister and I shared, where many horrors took place. The room was empty too and was very dark and cold. But in the left far corner of the room appeared a door which opened, and it resembled an elevator. The most brilliant golden light shone from inside it that emanated such love, warmth and gentleness, and I walked toward it to enter it, then woke up.

            I had never been abandoned by God, only by people.

            Defining my perception and discovery of that primordial love and experiencing it is an ongoing journey for me that has no end. But that dream and that powerful loving emanation was so real, Dorothy.

  5. Ancient Heart……that is a beautiful image, the dream. So strange…..as I read it, I felt like I was right in the dream and it made me feel like I was going to cry, like I had/ have a lump in my throat. AND…..this is weird too! When you read about the making of THE WIZARD OF OZ, they talk about the opening part of the movie, before Dorothy ends up in the land of OZ, all being in shades of grey. I would have to go back and re read what I’m talking about here. I think they were talking about the author of the original book’s descriptions. So they shot the Kansas part in Sepia.
    I’m freaking out about your dream description, and the movie and my name change to Dorothy. This is kind of weird!!
    I have a very difficult time feeling and relating to love. Like it seems so obscure to me outside of a very hard to describe unspoken connection to someone’s inner pure spirit. Sometimes I just feel that connection, like my heart has its arms around their heart. Another one of those things that words can’t quite describe.
    I thought I felt that with Spath. I’m still convinced that he felt me touch his heart and I may have…….maybe…….. felt something similar from him a couple of times. Right now I doubt and second guess just about everything that I thought was real including my feelings.
    I really do feel like I’m having a breakdown of some sort. I just want to hole up in my house and stay in the fetal position.
    Thank you for sharing your dream Ancientheart

  6. Here!
    “In his book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Baum describes Kansas as being ‘in shades of gray’. Further, Dorothy lived inside a farmhouse which had its paint blistered and washed away by the weather, giving it an ‘air of grayness’. The house and property were situated in the middle of a sweeping prairie where the grass was burnt gray by harsh sun. Aunt Em and Uncle Henry were ‘gray with age’. Effectively, the use of monochrome sepia tones for the Kansas sequences was a stylistic choice that evoked the dull and gray countryside.[citation needed] Much attention was given to the use of color in the production, with the MGM production crew favoring some hues over others. Consequently, it took the studio’s art department almost a week to settle on the final shade of yellow used for the Yellow Brick Road.[12]”


    • Skylar, yes……I posted this link over on the More Thoughts About Anger page……


      I had never heard any of this before!! Also kind of funny, but I’m ALWAYS seeing connections and patterns and coincidences, if you look at the George Simon article about contrition, the link I posted yesterday, the first all CAPS word in the article is SURRENDER! That jumped right off the page when I read it again the day I changed my name on here to Dorothy! SURRENDER DOROTHY!
      So today I was at a friend of mines store and I think I met a Spath. The guy gave me the creeps but I can’t exactly say why. Earlier in the day, a male friend of mine who I’ve known forever called me and told me a story about some guy he had a run in with last weekend……..Spath.
      I swear I’m ready to click my heels together three times, grab my little dog and hit the trail…..back to a land far far away. ๐Ÿ™

    • The dream is still very vivid to me after so many years, as well as the feelings I experienced in the dream.

      Breakdowns are called that for a reason LOL, they can help us detox ourselves from poisonous people and experiences unless we choose to deny or avoid them. Regressing to behavior which makes you feel safe that doesn’t involve collusion with a perp is healthy. Curling up in a ball, holing up for awhile, it’s all good. Give yourself the understanding and space to feel and do that. Allow yourself. You know as an adult you can re-parent yourself and that empowers you. It is also your responsibility to yourself.

  7. Sky, this story is a perfect example of psychopathic behavior….and though the story is chilling, it is believable to me for sure…just as my son planned my “suicide” by murder, with a complex web of deceit until I was able to PROVE the truth of it to the police, to my son Andrew, and to even my own attorney and even my therapist, I sounded like a paranoid nut job…”these things just don’t happen” in real life, at least most people don’t think they do. Unfortunately, they happen all too frequently.

    I hope and pray this woman is able to put her life back together since this monster is back in prison where he belongs.

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