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  1. OxD, I just finished reading a John Grisham book titled, “The Last Juror.” Of course, this is a work of fiction, but the accused, at one point, threatens EVERYONE in the courtroom at his trial, including the jurors. “Not finished” means that there is INTENT,and that it’s been verbalized and clearly heard. It’s a THREAT, and should be treated as such.

    Trying to “prove” something that has happened is far more difficult than one would imagine. The first abusive exspath would commit spousal rape and literally DARE me to file a complaint. “There’s NO SUCH THING as spousal rape!” he would rant. Then, he would solidify the shame by stating, “Nobody would ever believe you. I’m a nice guy.”

    I also hope that this woman heals and recovers from her experiences. And, I hope the rapist spends his time pacing his prison cell like the caged animal that he is. “Animal” isn’t even accurate because even animal predators have a reason for predating. Human predators? Not so much………..

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