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  1. Jill,
    now you’re getting close to another theory I have: it is that grains affected the human brain and in turn, created the type of society we have. Wheat, specifically, affects people with aspergers and schizophrenia, but I think grains are more insidious than people know.

    In the story of Cain and Abel, God was not “as pleased” with Cain’s sacrifice of grain. He was more pleased with the meat. This seems contrary to our premise that God doesn’t want sacrifice, yet if you read the passage, it says that God asked Cain why his face was “cast down”, which indicates shame. His shame and envy caused him to kill his brother. When he left, he carried his shame with him but he went on to found the first city, which of course, HAD to be agrarian in order to support a large settlement.

    So rather than the circumstances of dependency, I think it is the actual food which creates the anxiety as well as the cycle of hysteria in agrarian societies.

    It seems unlikely to me that food would not affect the brain and emotions. Especially because I have experienced it personally.

    • The macrobiotics theory is the other way around, that meat, especially from higher animals is against the natural order, and that grains are man’s natural food which they base on both science and their own philosophy. One of the reasons why I didn’t resonate with the Bible (what little I know and have read), at least this particular aspect of it, was due to its contradiction in the old and new testament, specifically regarding sacrifice and the eating of meat. That’s when I decided to pick and choose what I agreed and disagreed with about the Bible. I take some, leave some.

      According to macrobiotics, food is the first place to start to begin living with the natural order and not against it. Why wheat allergies occur with some people may simply be due to a genetic or constitutional uniqueness, which hopefully science will be able to explore further.

      My own opinion based on what I’m exploring about eastern philosophy is that it was always against the natural order to control anything in nature for mass consumption, and that action of control goes against nature and God – whether it’s people, animals, plants…everything. The give and take isn’t there in the way it was designed to be. Just take take take. Cause and effect says that way doesn’t work, and certainly doesn’t in the long run.

      You’ve got me interested in wheat allergies, I’ll go dig around on the Internet and learn about it.

      • Skylar, I’ve done some skimming on the Internet about prions and wonder if they may have something to do with gluten intolerance; the body may no longer recognize a natural protein, and those with celiac disease, if they eat meat or dairy, may have a prion problem.

        Most factory farmed meat, dairy and poultry are fed animal remnants, i.e., turned into cannibals, and that appears to be where abnormal prions come from, and people in turn eat those products and become part of the chain of cannibalism, which may be cause for a host of diseases, abnormalities and mental disorders.

        In the case of celiac disease, it may be curable with the right diet, vegetarian L-glutamine, colloidal silver to kick ass on any prions, and some other misc. additions to the diet. I read also that vaccines can contain animal proteins and these abnormal prions, so the body gets infected with them, thus the autoimmune disorders etc. where the body doesn’t know what it needs to fight because its natural wisdom has been tricked. That’s my two cents after a half hour or so of “Internet surfing wisdom” LOL. My guess is there’s a natural cure, but big pharma doesn’t want it known. And the big gluten-free fad for those who have no need for it? Propaganda to push people into continued cannabilism to support the ag industry, and of course that makes them sick so the medical establishment can get richer too. Smoke and mirrors.

      • Ancient Heart,
        I understand your perspective about eating meat. Being an animal lover makes it hard to reconcile the killing of animals in order to live, especially when it seems like grains are an acceptable (and delicious) alternative. That’s why I went vegetarian for a time in my youth. I was never sicker.

        Of course, a change in diet has both short term and long term effects. Sometimes eating more healthy can make a person feel sick in the short term as their body goes through withdrawal. Other times, a change to what seems to be a healthier diet, can actually create long term physical detriment (for example Steve Jobs’ pancreatic cancer was likely the result of too much fruit juice, which is hard on the pancreas).

        And there can be additional environmental factors, such as the quality of the food, or having a psychopath in your life putting poison in it! 😯

        Wheat and dairy though, have proven in the long term, to be bad for me.
        It’s a matter of paying attention to your body and noticing cause and effect over time. (assuming you don’t die in the process and you have no spaths in your life).

        The way that I reconcile eating meat with caring about animals is by choosing grass fed and organic meats whenever possible. I prefer seafood anyway and it actually has the healthiest effect on me.

        I was watching a you tube discussion in which 2 Native American elders noted how ridiculous the idea of ownership is, particularly as it applies to animals. They agreed that “caretaker” is the more appropriate word, rather than “owner”. Both noted that their dogs had made them subservient to them because the men were the ones who had to provide for the spoiled dogs.

        A simple change in attitude can make all the difference.

        • My own diet has been vegetarian since I was in my early 20’s – I’m 53 now, but I am not a “purist” or dogmatic about it. I just figure if I can’t conceive of killing the animal myself – which I cannot stomach or justify for my own ethical reasons – I therefore have no business eating that animal because someone else doesn’t have any trouble killing. I can’t be a party to it. I live in redneck ruraldom too LOL, but I don’t push my ways on anyone, and good luck trying anyway on generations of ranchers and hunters who’ll just load you with buckshot and bury you in the back 40.

          Veggies consume dairy, and I do very occasionally eat eggs, as well as some cheese and seafood. I like the philosophy behind macrobiotics as well as the science, and it’s not strict and dogmatic, unless a person makes it so, I suppose. Macrobiotics does recognize, for instance, that there are valid reasons for people in some cold climates, for example, to consume animal proteins. It’s basically about balance, about eating what’s available in the immediate environment, etc. With your gluten intolerance, I imagine it’s difficult to balance your protein/carb/fiber/fat diet easily, and a veggie diet probably would be very tough for you to meet your unique needs.

          Steve Jobs was a genius, but not too bright about overdoing fruit juices.

          Macrobiotics has some interesting info about seafood and promotes it, especially white fish meat.

          That you were able to eat anything at all and survive under those circumstances with that psychopath is miraculous. Psychopaths seems to like targeting the needs at our very core, don’t they? Your basic need to eat and nourish your body to live, and your faith and belief in God, and Jill’s basic need to nourish her body with rest. They are determined little murderer’s aren’t they?

          I agree with the native Americans about ownership of animals – caretaking is how it was intended, and that has been so maligned and perverted for thousands of years, along with agricultural methods. Man even thinks he can control the Sun and Moon by making calendars LOL, such arrogance. Their calendars have to continually be adjusted, and they still won’t follow Nature’s directives. Order out of chaos my ass, change BECOMES chaos when man tries to control and own it, and calls damage control “progress.” Man’s hanging onto the rim of the toilet seat trying to avoid falling into his own mess and being flushed down with it, saying “it wasn’t MY fault!”

  2. I agree with the macrobiotics opinion that the moment humans began controlling other life and consuming meat, especially meat of higher animals, we began our trajectory down the path of destruction. It all goes against the order of nature, the order of the universe, so the natural cause and effect is obvious from the perspective of macrobiotics. Their theory on how food should be utilized by man is based on our evolution role and placement, as well as our biological makeup, which most humans have gone against too. And most “cult-ures” continue to perpetuate this downward trajectory.

    I second that, Skylar, I love your statement, Jill, about the psychopath’s victims being fattened up for the slaughter. That’s the truth in a nutshell!

  3. Regarding diet: not allergic to anything, but always was a little meat eater… I was vegetarian for a decade. I loved it. Never had any problems with it. Wasn’t a hard line vegetarian: If I was a guest somewhere and presented a plate with meat, I’d eat it. And if I was traveling in Latin America I ate seafood and sometimes meat, because they often barely had good vegetarian alternatives. But if I cooked for myself, it was always vegetarian, and if I could eat a variety of vegetarian outdoors I would opt that. Psychopath cooked for me often, but always including meat, poultry or fish. So, I ended up going off the otherwise almost complete vegetarian lifestyle. And with added exercise, I needed to eat more proteins, and the amounts needed from cheese or eggs is either too fat or too harsh for the liver. And while I have some great recipes to make tofu taste like something good, there aren’t that many. So I’m back on eating meat, though I still have more vegetarian meals than meals with meat/fish/poultry a week. There’s no way though I eat anything from an animal that is still a baby: no lamb, no calf, no piglet… Just the thought alone disgusts me. And even when I eat a steak, I need to prepare myself for it, since it’s so strong on my tastebuds still.

    Anyway a good vegetarian diet requires a lot of diversity, and it’s not for everyone. And I never had any health issues by eating vegetarian. Don’t have any allergies against food though.

    • Jill,
      The quality of the diet, whether plant or animal based, is something that many people don’t pay attention to. I remember when I first began eating organic fruits and vegetable. They tasted good, but I can’t say that I noticed a huge difference. I was strictly organic for a long period then at some point, I happened to eat a non-organic apple. It was horrible. It tasted like cardboard with a hint of chemicals. I tried other non-organic produce, just to see if there was much difference. Almost across the board, the non-organics lacked flavor. Apples and potatoes were the most obvious to me.

      We become accustomed to the perversion of food, just as we become accustomed to the perverted human beings in our lives. After a while they seem normal. I think that it’s only after being with good normal people for a period of time, that we start to see just how sick the spath really was. It’s the same with food.

      • Before I was a vegetarian, I did not understand why vegetarians reacted so strongly against perhaps some meat sauce on their letuce, or perhaps bacon in a sauce.. I thought, just pick it out and you don’t have to eat it. But I was vegetarian for perhaps a few months already, when by accident I ate leftover letuce from someone’s plate who had ordered bbq ribs or something. There was one drop of meat sauce on the letuce, and that one drop was like a taste attack on my tastebuds… it was incredibly strong, and I hadn’t tasted something that strong for a few months by then. It wasn’t that I disliked the taste (I always liked the taste of meat), but it was just overpowering strong. Now, that I eat meat again, I’m still very aware of meat taste in a meal, which is why I take less of it in a sauce or with anything else. The taste of meat otherwise simply kills all the other tastes. I cut my steaks in half before freezing them. I do savour the flavour, but there’s only so much I can eat of it. And I also want to enjoy the tastes of my salad, or potatoes/rice I eat with it.

        • Just fyi, I’m not a PETA puppet or other nutcake (those who love animals will love Nathan Winograd, who has been exposing quite successfully the psychopath bigwigs in animal welfare, true wolves in sheep’s clothing). Skylar, I have a new mantra LOL, your quote, “They’re all the same.” It’s as true as the Sun coming up every day.

          • Ancient heart,
            I think MAYBE the whole point of my blog is that, not only are THEY all the same, but WE’re all the same too.

            It bothers me that Girardian Theory lumps us in with those other mimetic people. I don’t agree with that, but I do see the truth that without the enablers, the spaths couldn’t survive.

  4. From a psychopath’s point of view, we would very much indeed all be the same – just meat on the hook. I think Girard may be far too simplistic with that theory. Mimetics itself isn’t evil, we couldn’t survive without mimetics, from the embryo onward, nor could any other animal. Difference is “everyone else” for the most part can and does grow and evolve to perceive, appreciate, and share what’s unique as well as what’s similar about another, which we know enrages the psychopath because it’s not all about them. That makes the rest of the human population enablers, then. Empaths may be easier targets, for sure, but psychopaths consider the entire world their personal titty and toilet. As we know, they’ll screw anything, they don’t even care if it has a pulse.

    • Ancient Heart,
      Exactly. We all start out extremely mimetic but we grow less and less mimetic as we mature. It’s unfortunate that spaths can’t mature and continue their infantile envy and shame for the rest of their lives.

      You’re also exactly right when you said that it is our growth that enrages the spaths. They are sitting in the sandbox and we don’t play with them anymore because we outgrew their game. That causes a narcissistic injury. They will FORCE us to play their game or die.

      • Skylar, I have a copy of the Tao te Ching, the translation is by Stephen Mitchell, and happened to open to a page which says, “Give evil nothing to oppose, and it will disappear by itself.”

        It seems nearly impossible, however, to avoid psychopaths for the exact reason you stated, because they will force others to play or die.

        I not only got that wakeup call on a personal level, regarding psychopaths 1 and 2, but I also got a bigger wakeup call to widespread government and corporate theft and killing of pets as well as livestock. It followed insidiously behind the foreclosure scandal in the U.S., a quiet “culling” planned by lobbying groups and their nonprofit fronts. It is an ominous portent. A world without life, a world without love, a world without nature. Everyone must play.

        Skylar, you say things that go straight to my soul.

        The Tao proverb makes sense but in practice it certainly isn’t easy to give psychopaths nothing to oppose, since our very existence, and the very existence of life, opposes their evil machinations.

        I had what I considered to be a precognitive dream about 10-15 years ago, perhaps. I was living in a post-holocaust tent camp. I wore rags, and around me others were crying and in great distress. But around this makeshift camp there were trees. Nature had survived. I was very centered and at peace.

        The Tao says the soft will overcome the hard. The Bible says the meek shall inherit the Earth.

        Many years ago also, a friend of mine whose friend was a shaman from an Alaskan tribe sent me a letter. It was a prophetic letter which included a warning that something would happen with my nonprofit (that would be almost beyond my control (that was without doubt psychopath #1). But to trust the turning of the wheel. I have to trust that turning of the wheel. And believe in its power.

        • Ancient Heart,
          Yep, give them nothing to oppose, because they are oppositional.
          Also give them nothing to envy, because they are envious.

          That’s where gray rock comes in.

          It’s all about values. They don’t have any so they want to take what YOU value. Don’t show them. Then they will have to slither away in confusion.

          Spaths like to get us chasing material possessions by telling us that they are scarce. I’ve known so many spaths that liked to tell me that WATER was scarce! LOL. One of them had his own well, another had the most lush garden while her neighbors lawns went brown. Another liked to let her tap water run when she knew that the power was out and nobody else could get water unless they were downhill from the reservoir. Scarcity = Red Flag. (no, the scarce water wasn’t why I called them spaths, it just happens to be another common element I noticed)

          If material possessions didn’t inspire normal people, they also wouldn’t inspire the spaths. But we are mired in a society that must consume more and more to keep the economy “growing”. Did you ever wonder why it has to GROW?

          Keeping us chasing after scarce goods is their game.

          • Spath X’s kids were his playmates. He told me he had fun with them…..playing. Seems that when his last kid was born, that was the end of the party for mr. Spath. Mrs. Spath gave all the attention to baby Spath and Spath x was back in the sandbox by him self. I asked him if he felt ignored. He said “I WAS ignored”! Poor Spath x

          • Oh yes! That scarcity which doesn’t exist, the tactic they use to hoard and attempt to control whatever the item is they claim is so scarce, because only they are worthy. And to top it off they almost invariably destroy almost everything and everyone they get near.

            It is a miracle to me that many domesticated animals don’t attack and kill them or run straight for the hills, and that plants don’t wither up and die the moment they come into any contact with a psychopath.

            After what happened to me, I realized not just how prevalent psychopaths are, but how multitudes of seemingly intelligent people can turn so quickly into rabid psychopaths, all they need are the triggers planted by a psychopath or two, and they are goners. It’s like they’ve been hypnotized. Just as the psychopath seems to hypnotize its victim, its enemy, with mirroring, their minions only need a crumb or two of bait to join in the murder of the scapegoat.

            Yes, that all-consuming “need” for more production, more materialism, to fill the emptiness of the soul. That emptiness may be the only genuine scarcity there is. And like a rubber band stretched to the breaking point, expansion has limits and will inevitably snap. It’s a psychopath’s m.o., isn’t it? Then they get to start all over again.

          • Ancient heart…..the only comfort I have is in knowing that he will have to start over. And over and over………
            He use to say, ” do you know how many women would love to have someone treat them the way I treat you”? No, no I don’t…..do tell. Gooooo on, I’m listening….

          • Ancient Heart,
            You would think that creating scarcity and hoarding was some fiendish plot by a maniacal genius, but it’s not. My spath brother did it when he was a little kid.

            I remember, I was about 8 and he was probably 9. My mom would give each of us 4 kids, a bowl of ice cream to eat while we watched TV before bedtime. One evening, as we ate our ice cream, he just sat and watched, not eating his. When we had all finished our ice cream, he announced, “Look, I have more ice cream than anyone else!” My older sister just ignored him – she always did. I just sat there perplexed in a WTF? moment. But my spathy little sister reacted exactly as he expected: she ran into the kitchen, “MOMMY!!!! Spath-bro has more than meeeee!! I want more ice cream!!!!!!!!” And of course, being the spoiled spath of the family, she got more ice cream.

            It’s a childish game inspired by developmentally arrested emotions. I would put them somewhere around the age of 2.

          • Dorothy,
            LOL! actually….yeah a borderline drama queen that likes the whipsaw, push pull and triangulation, might actually love being treated that way.

            I’m sure he’ll find one somewhere, they’re everywhere.

          • Skylar…..he hasn’t had much luck so far. He can catch them but can’t keep them without a baby in the mix. So wouldn’t that be another karmic PITA for him and his Spath mother?? Get someone knocked up?? OMG!

            Skylar, I’m not doing well the last few days. I had a bad dream about him last night, couldn’t sleep, and I keep flashing on him together with me sexually and under deceptive pretenses. Wondering what he was really thinking ……… I’m sure it wasn’t good or what I was thinking. I really do feel more and more like I was raped.
            TeaLight gave me shit about using that term but what else do I call it. It’s more than emotional abuse when my body was involved although emotional abuse is certainly a part of it. I know what I feel, and the images I have in my mind now, all covered in Spath slime. It’s horrible. I serviced him well the entire time we were together. Never denied him anything that way. I’m sure his disinterest in reciprocating was part of the game.

          • Dorothy,
            sorry you’re getting triggered in your dreams.
            That’s bound to happen. I still have dreams about all my spaths. This morning I was awakened by a dream about my spath brother.

            In the dream I was calling my parent’s house and it rang and rang and then my spath brother picked up the phone. It was so slimy that it woke me up. ick.

            Just forget about what Tealight said. Everyone knows that we were all raped by deception. That’s why we feel so bad. Our minds were violated.

            I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who have been both physically and emotionally abused. They all say the same thing: They’d take the physical abuse over the mind-fuck ANY DAY. I totally concur. If for no other reason than, at least when you are getting beaten, you know where the blows are coming from. The mind fuck is covert and you don’t even know what’s hitting you.

        • {{{Skylar}}} Thanks for the feed back. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to get raped either way but this type is so hidden and hard to describe to someone who’s never been through! If you get raped the normal way…..I don’t know how to say that differently…..you cand talk to anyone about it and they think it’s terrible. This isn’t like that AND the fucking Spath can even excuse it. If I told him that he raped me, there is no way he would say, oh, yes. You are right!
          I actually did tell him in my final email after I slipped and got slimed,
          “I feel like I’ve been emotionally mislead and therefore physically raped”. What a chicken shit piece of shit.
          Yes….the physical abuse vs emotional torture!! I told him one time…..screamed it at him….”why don’t you just fucking HIT me”?
          His response was pretty telling, now that I know what he is…..he said, ” do you think I’m fucking stupid?” I realized that was not a loving answer to my question (uh….duh) but I still didn’t GET IT!
          OMG it’s not like I have a spectacular track record with men but this is something unlike anything else.

          • Skylar…..yet another Spath dream last night. I don’t remember anything about it except that his mother was in it…..I remember her voice which is like nails on a chalk board…..and something about him not being able to become erect. That’s it.

            Hate this…..now that Spathxtard is out of the picture…..the old drinking spaths are starting to sniff around and test the waters. NO VACANCY sign has been posted!! It reminds me though, of where I was in my life and my self that made me a sitting duck, easy target, low hanging fruit, etc.
            does not excuse him for being a POS but I now know that I must be vigilant and protect myself at all costs.

      • Skylar…..I had an ah ha moment yesterday. Once they realize this isn’t going as they would like it to go…….that’s when the devaluing starts. Not the supply source they had hoped for, too much work, not all about them, etc, etc, etc….time to cut and run. This toy is broken too mommy!

        • Just for fun from Dorothy……..

          Wizard of Oz: You, my friend, are a victim of disorganized thinking. You are under the unfortunate impression that just because you run away you have no courage; you’re confusing courage with wisdom!

  5. I’ve been thinking a lot of Putin the last few months, especially this week, with the crash of the civilian airplaine (6 victims were Belgians). I’ve considered him to be a psychopath for a long while already, but mostly in general terms. Something that has been bugging me lately was the Ukranian trouble. First there was the fast annexation of the Krim that went very smooth, with superior trained (and masked troops) with loads of high power war material. The Eastern mainland confict with the Eastern pro-Russian rebels, where the crash happened, is different. No masked Russian elite troops. Instead they are local psychopath wanna-bes who get a fast basic training how to create havoc, but not really conquering storm troops. He gives them some big material (like the buks to shoot a plane out of the sky flying higher than 10 km), but it’s more like one big toy to play with, rather than conquer or even be sure they’ll be able to occupy the Eastern mainland for a long time. Putin gives enough to ensure a long drawn out fight between the Ukranian army and the rebels where they take, retake, retake again, etc for the coming years. And today I was able to put my finger on it. It’s smoke and mirrors, a drama filled distraction. While the Ukranian government and army (and the world’s attention) is focused on the mainland stale mate skirmishes, nobody will busy themselves in re-arming to take the Krim back. Unfortunately the big toy shot a civilian plane down with people of all over the world, of mainly very pacifist countries. And I hope that one day this might come and bite him one day.

    • Years ago a former KGB agent defected to the UK and he was poisoned with polonium (not sure about the spelling of that) a VERY toxic radioactive material mined primarily in Russia….even tiny doses of it are fatal, over a long painful death. The man and his wife wrote a book about his life and the things that Putin had done to innocent civilians in Russia….and I HAVE NO DOUBT THAT PUTIN IS ANOTHER HITLER, STALIN AND MAO ROLLED INTO ONE EVIL PERSON.

      You are right he gave these big “toys” to the outlaws that are posing as “rebels fighters” and they did what bad boys do, they shot a plane out of the sky filled with innocent people and now they and Putin are trying to cover up the mess. I read an article today about how money is the root of this whole thing. First off the Ukrane charges $1000 to each airliner that flies over their country and they did not close their airspace because they did not want to lose that money, the airline itself knew that many other airlines are flying AROUND the country, but that takes MORE FUEL so they decided to take a chance and fly over the conflict zone to save a few bucks in fuel costs…and of course Putin who gave these people the toy and the training to use it.

      The whole world is going to “hail in a hand basket” and I don’t think that it is going to change any time soon. My own country is a mess and a half and the politicians are crooked as a dogs hind leg….I saw a cartoon today showing Putin standing with a big rifle in front of a wall filled with stuffed animal heads, and over the fire place was the nose of the plane shot down mounted just like the other creatures he killed.

      Between Iraq, Iran, egypt, Syria, Israel and the sudan and much of Africa, and Maylasia I feel so sorry for the women and children. The Hamas is shooting at Israel and then crying “Oh, they are killing our children” when Israel shoots back. It is a lose/lose situation and the 7th century mentality of these radicals does not care about the children who are injured or killed, their own people even….because they KNOW that when they shoot at Israel there will be shots fired back. In war of any kind the women and children are made to pay with their blood and all these psychopaths in the name of “religion” or “politics” use the population for cannon fodder. Satan is alive and well and his “angels” are running the world!

      Sorry for the rant!

    • Thank you, Oxy,

      I remember that case. I’m quite convinced he was poisoned by Putin. In the 50s Trotksy was killed with a hatchet by Stalin. These days they do it with Pollonium.

  6. Jill,
    watching the war in the Ukraine, leaves my head spinning. It makes no sense to me. Putin makes no sense to me –until Oxy’s link reminded me of the Polonium poisoning. Being familiar with what it’s like to be poisoned, I understand that it’s about sabotaging someone from the inside. They like to create internal havoc, until the entity or person self-destructs. That is what Putin is doing to the Ukraine. I hope that they can expel that toxin soon.

  7. It made no sense to me either until the insight of this week. I laughed at a news article when some rebels said, “If they’re sending military police in here [meaning the Dutch unarmed elite troops to safeguard the site] it’ll be WWIII”. Besides it showing their glaring feeling of entitlement and perception of being invincible, I thought… “Think again… Putin won’t risk Moscow getting hit by nuclear missiles for you lot, the unorganized rabble. He doesn’t want you, except destroy Ukraine slowly and languidly.” So, yeah, I full agree with your perception of it.

  8. Unfortunately, WAAAY too many people in the chief residence of the country are HIGH in P traits, or are outright psychopaths themselves….not only in Russia but here in the US as well, though our leaders don’t chop up people with hatchets, any more.I have no doubt that Putin is high in P traits if not an outright P himself…I read the book that was written by the wife of the Russian killed with the polonium (can’t remember his name off the top of my head) but it also told about other individuals and groups killed by Putin and this guy was apparently in the spot to know where the “bodies were buried” LITERALLY.

    That book “The Lucifer Principle” that showed how people are led down this path to death and destruction all through history, and what is happening all over the world right now, especially in the middle east, where people are using children to hide behind, and where Israel is shooting through those children to get to the “bad guys”

    and of course is is a NO WIN situation on both sides…Israel will never get them to stop hatching plots to run them out of the area or kill them all, and they will in turn never stop retaliating for attacks and so on.

    It does seem right now though that the whole world is melting down or at least a big part of it, and my own country didn’t do Iraq any favor or Afganastan either when they deposed the bad leaders, now they have a group of WORSE leaders plus the country is totally destroyed….ever since the Soviet Union broke up, the Russians have tried to regain some kind of control over these areas.

    It is NOTHING NEW just more of it in the news right now…if there had been news networks in the time of Rome the text would have been the same…corrupt political folks, violence in the streets, hunger, war and revolt. Just the NAMES would have been different.

    As the Bible says there will always be “wars and rumors of wars” and I don’t think that is going to EVER change, and especially as weapons get worse where people can kill at huge distances and wipe out entire populations…North Korea and Iran getting hands on nuclear weapons is a night mare.

    And we can’t solve the problems of the world or make these psychopaths quit doing what they do…Hitler, Stalin, Mao, N. Korea, Putin, Sadaam, etc. all we can do is to NOT allow ourselves to become caught up in the meme ourselves. Dr. Viktor Frankl’s book “Man’s search for meaning” is my mantra, and we can live a good life inside our skulls no matter what the conditions are. I nominate him for the wisest man in the world.

    I won’t say it wouldn’t be difficult to live in a Nazi (or any other kind) of prison camp or war, just read a book about a Christian girl who lived in Muslim war, she and her family lived in a hole in the ground for 10 years until she escaped from Lebanon to Israel which took her in and rescued tens of thousands of other Christians….she sang the praises of Israel for rescuing her and giving her a way out of the Muslim rage.

    To me to kill in the name of GOD is the worst atrocity that there is, but any reason for wars is bad,

    Oh, that Christian woman who was sentenced to death for marrying an American Christian man and had her baby while shackled on the prison floor just arrived in the US yesterday. She is such a beautiful woman (physically) she should be a model, but she must also be a very strong woman as well to endure what she did and not “break” though I imagine she had a difficult time. I think she is a good role model for the entire world. I wish her and her children and her husband well, peace and happiness. At least one story in this ugly mess of a world had a happy ending.

    • I’m having a terrible time sorting that political shiat out – that region of the world has been feuding for thousands of years. I cannot imagine anything that would end this type of hatred and lust for power. EUGH

  9. Yea, Truthy, not a lot we can do about all the evils of the world. I used to think that wars were fought for “truth and justice” but I reailze now that they are fought for greed and power. It is in most cases psychopaths playing out their scripts and trying to take things away from others, individually or as a country.

    Evil flourishes where good men do nothing, so each of us must own our responsibilities individually and at least we can make our own little area of the planet better…and we can seek our own internal peace even if the world is no less evil today than it was yesterday. There ARE good people in this world and as much as we are able we should associate with those people and not with people who display P traits. If we interact with dysfunctional people (if we can avoid it) then their slime rubs off on us.

    You are right, that section of the world (and most sections actually) have continually been at war…and hate breeds more hate and infinitum and so it goes on for generation after generation.

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