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  1. Truthy, that is so true…..sounds like you must have been evesdropping at the last parish meeting…you want to laugh, it is NOT FUNNY…it is SAD at best. To think that these “pastors” who are supposed to be so ethical are so UNethical is mind blowing to me. But you know, Jesus said that there would be “wolves in sheep’s clothing” come into the church, and he was definitely right…and he also said that (paraphrased) “that anyone who hurts one of these (children) would be better off if a mill stone were tied about his neck and he were tossed into the sea” and you know, while these (mostly) men may not receive what they should as a “reward” for their deeds and actions here, I have NO doubt that they will get to meet Jesus face to face, and HE WILL BE PITHED!

    All their “holiness” and “confessions” and such will not do them any good when they meet a JUST JUDGE that cannot be bribed.

    The Jerry Sandusky thing is another example of covering up to “protect” the program….a sports program at that. I am glad to see that at least two of the men involved are prosecuted…Old Joe died before they got a chance to prosecute him. I do hope that some of the victims file an action against old Joe’s estate though. It won’t cost him anything but I think it would be a good platform for more information to come out. I hope the school has to pay through the nose as well. I think the RIGHT thing to do would be disband the football program. but that’s not going to happen.

  2. My internet hiatus hasn’t taken place yet. I agree with Hens that it’s a “pedo world.” The goal of these pedos is to turn everything into a disposable gratification object as well as to infect as many other people as possible. I learned that a huge amount of Internet content, for instance, is porn, and the bulk of the rest is shaming and fraud, while quality websites are “allowed to exist” on the Internet because they unknowingly serve as bait for the pedos and other psychopaths.

    This article and resulting dialogue is mind-bending about shame and the pedophilia coverup and excuses.

    It does make sense to me that psychopaths are shame addicts. Of course they won’t ever show it, they never show who they are except through their victims.

    I came across a book which may be helpful to victims of psychopaths, it’s called “Letting Go of Shame: Understanding How Shame Affects Your Life.” It’s quite an eye opener which shows how truly psychpathic, sadistic, and psychologically arrested humans really are, which bears repeating. Often.

    Since shaming psychopaths only feeds their perversions, that does not mean their actions should not be publicly exposed. Public safety and awareness are priority, not the psychopath.
    I bet Snowden has a mountain of dirt and has only revealed the tip of the iceberg. This has been a global wake up call which has only started to get rolling. I’m surprised the pedo elites haven’t called their media shills to report a distraction tactic like a UFO attack or something, but with their insatiable infantile attention seeking they may be too busy secretly soaking up the flip side of their sadism right now.

    • Ancientheart, I’m kinda glad that you haven’t taken the internet hiatus, yet…..

      We have become such a global society that it’s virtually impossible for any oversight. Look at how huge the Catholic Church is. The Islamic faith is also beyond control – it’s the largest single global “religion,” now. Both of these systems are as broken as they can be. Too much power and too much control has overshadowed ANY positive attributes and turned them into sources of disease – DIS-ease, that is.

      Pedophiles don’t really feel “shame” so much as they feel satisfaction at pulling off their sins and crimes, unhindered. Even if they’re under the eye of scrutiny, they find gleeful delight in machinating more creative methods to perpetrate their heinous crimes. They foist what SHOULD be “shame” upon their victims, and it’s something that causes me to feel physically nauseous when I let my mind go to the edge of the abyss of these predatory minds. I cannot fathom this kind of behavior, and I don’t care where it comes from or what “caused” it. It just needs to be dealt with on a swift and harsh basis.

      With regard to Snowden, he’s being demonized as a whistle-blower in the very same way that the fellow who proved the identities of the Stuebenville rapists.

      “CrimeStoppers needs YOUR help! Anyone with any information on THIS crime can call the 1-800 number to leave an anonymous tip!”

      Oh, bullshirt. ANYONE who dares to alert any agency or individual about criminal activities is thrust under the proverbial microscope.

      • LOL Truthspeak, “crimestoppers” is a complete joke. Yeah, tattle on psychopaths to “crimestoppers” so the psychopaths can know who’s onto them.

        If you’re interested in good coverage on Snowden and the NSA, Glenn Greenwald has a page at the Guardian where he’s knocking out some powerful articles. Now that the proverbial cat’s crawling out of the bag – and the cat’s only got started – it’s actually out of elite control and they know it.

  3. I agree about Snowden…I hope he finds sanctuary somewhere the US can’t get to him. Boy are they MAD that he has exposed what 2-faced liars they are. Look how the women Bill Clinton raped (I actually know one of them) were demonized when the reported it…he LIED to congress and the world and yet he got away with it.

    People don’t seem to “get it” that there are psychopaths iin high places and those people do NOT want their dirty laundry and law breaking to be exposed. Look at Nixon, he was forced out of office saying “I’m not a crook” well Obama in my opinion with the spying on the news agencies phones did the SAME THING Nixon did, but he is still in office and no one is crying for his impeachment. WHY? Well, I think he has more power than Nixon did and people today are not requiring their presidents to be as ethical as they did when Nixon was in office. Nixon left office but he had no shame, just anger at being caught and pushed out.

    I don’t trust ANY politician too many have shown that they are high in P traits. I think in order to get into high office you have to “sell your soul to Satan” and make behind closed door deals that are unethical.

    • Oxdrover, I am surprised there is no public outcry for Obama’s impeachment too, but what is the point when anyone who replaces him will just be the same or worse, that’s how I see it. They’re all the same, as Skylar said (I need a T-shirt LOL).

      The madder they get for being outed, the more they’ll bear down on easier scapegoats to target, no doubt. I’ve been reading Glenn Greenwald’s articles on the Guardian about NSA, excellent journalism that doesn’t pull any punches.

      I would say most people don’t want to know, the truth is too inconvenient for them. That poor woman who was violated, she may ironically be safer with that S.O.B. getting off scot-free, because she may have been murdered otherwise. At least she has trusted friends who validate her and support her.

  4. I guess we need to have to different words which describe the same thing but with a different outcome.
    The word (verb) to “uncover” (or unmask, unveil, reveal etc..) means to point out someone’s shameful behavior.
    The word (verb) to “shame” also means to point out someone’s shameful behavior.
    The difference is that if you are uncovering a spath’s shameful behavior, you aren’t actually shaming them because they refuse to be ashamed. Instead, they will attack you in a rage, they will blame the victim and they will shoot the messenger.

    When I first noticed that my spath lied ALL the time, I was 17 and it didn’t occur to me not to point it out. I asked him why he lied all the time. He EXPLODED in a rage. “I AM NOT A LIAR!!! DON’T. EVER. CALL ME A LIAR! I’M NOT A LIAR OR A THIEF!!”

    With a reaction like that, I learned NEVER to question his lies again. That’s when I went to the library to research lies and found “People of the Lie.” But somehow I just could not accept that I was in the presence of human evil. It was too big to get my head around.

    Spaths do not like their secrets exposed. Furthermore, secrets are the hallmark of the spath. They are betrayers of everyone and they use secrets to control their victims, so the last thing they want is for others to have secrets on them. They assume everyone else will try to control them.

    That’s the entirety of their existence: a game, where everyone is trying to dominate everyone else. It’s such a sad and pathetic, cartoon existence.

    • You sparked a thought: My hunch is that shame is what is at their core of their rage, and that shame is their biggest secret as well. Yes, no wonder they rage when their secrets (and the shame that accompanies those secrets) are exposed. You struck the core of the psychopath’s shame.

      Their ceaseless and relentless projections of their own shame onto innocent victims are a necessary ritual, but fake, catharsis for them. It’s a self-repeating negative tape inside them that is played over and over. It’s easy to see the truth of who they are by just turning the mirror on them. They won’t see their own reflection, but that’s not our problem.

      Secrets themselves are so infantile. And I can’t believe the extremes psychopaths go to in constructing all their “cartoon characters” as you call them, all their personas and characters, in order to keep their secrets.

      But I know they have to out the truth about themselves somehow. I think they subconsciously want their secrets exposed, as you said earlier they get off on that too. It feeds the same negative shame tape that goes round and round in them. They are like brainwashed mind control victims you hear about on the Internet, victims of cults, and of course on the flip side they are also the perps.

      • Ancient Heart, I think you nailed it. They are so afraid that the only secret that matters to them, will be exposed: that they don’t even exist. There is no REAL spath. Under all those different masks he wears, there is NOTHING. Just an empty evil slime.

        All the other secrets he keeps, don’t really matter. Sometimes, he reveals those masks to some of his minions. In fact he ACQUIRED those masks from his minions. Whichever minion he is mirroring at the time, he takes the OPPORTUNITY to mirror the minion and make a new identity. Later, he can pull it out and use it to impress a different minion. It’s like a hall of mirrors. icky.

        • What I found strange is that in every profile of psychopaths, they are said to have no remorse, conscience or shame. They have no remorse or conscience, for certain, but I know they are walking bottomless vats shame.

          I came across a website which published a recent study indicating that psychiatry is connecting the dots between shame and psychopathy, and there may be hope for some adolescents with psychopathic traits:


          The hall of mirrors description fits them perfectly.

        • Sky, Last night on Bio there was a Spathathon. Bio of Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dommer, The Night Stalker…..two other guys that were in it together but I can’t remember their names. I was falling asleep off and on……anyhow, it was so amazing how different they were but so the same. I don’t know if anyone else saw it?

          • Dorothy,
            no I didn’t see it. What was it that you noticed was the same?

          • Skylar…..I couldn’t reply to your post.
            First of all what I noticed was the addictive quality to their behavior. How it “gained speed” like any addiction. How it was somewhat under control in the beginning while they were getting a taste for it but they became a slave to the addiction and it controlled them. They needed more and they got sloppier and sloppier. Too bold? too much confidence? desperate need to feed the monstrous addictive urges?
            They got off on being outrageous, cocky. I wish I could watch them again.
            Also, Mother mother mother. I didn’t watch the beginning of the one about Richard Rameryiez, The Night Stalker so I’m not sure what his mother aspect was. I could look it up easily…..I will. But Ted Bundy….HUGE mother issues, Jeffrey Dommer…..mother issues. The two guys that worked together….not sure. I slept through that one for the most part. OMG it’s so sickening…..

    • The same exact thing happened to me. The first time ever I caught him in a lie, I told him: “you don’t have to lie” and he exploded and said: “I don’t have to lie and so you know I am a super super super super (he said this like 7 times) legal person” (a WTF moment) with a very angry voice. He was able to maneuver out of lie so quickly and categorically that I believed him again”. But then reenacting mentally the same episode slowly I was able to figure out that he had lied, and if he had lied about that so WELL he could have lied many times and then the whole castle collapsed in front of my eyes.

      But there were lies mixed with truth. I guess they have a script of what is OK to say and what not, they have a strange fix set of basic rules they go by.

  5. AncientHeart, I’m unable to respond, directly, to your comments – I get kicked off each time I try. LOL!

    With regard to “shame,” I believe that we – those of us that have true feelings and experience emotions (aside from rage and envy) – are attempting to assign a concept that “resonates” with US to individuals that don’t “feel” anything outside of rage when they’re exposed for what they are. I can apply this to how the exspath reacted when I discovered his bag of porn, fetish books, his & her fetish clothing, and open box of condoms.

    Me: We need to discuss this.
    Him: So……..you found my stash?
    Me: What’s this all about?
    Him: We haven’t had sex for four years!!!! What do you expect me to do? CUT IT OFF??!!! (points to genitalia)
    Me: What’s in this bag has nothing to do with sexual activity. This is extreme – it’s beyond extreme. It’s a sickness and I won’t allow you to foist this off on me. This has nothing to do with me – this is about deviance, behind my back? Who are the condoms for? Who’s wearing the rubber bras and rubber shorts?

    Today, I believe that the bag had been planted to end the marriage. I had no more use since he had already used up all of my money and he’d been “advertising” for random BDS&M partners as early as January 2009.

    Because WE aren’t able to tell lies without feeling tremendous shame for doing so, we believe that anyone that we care about would behave the same way that WE do. With the exspath, he never displayed one iota of shame as I define it. Anyone who can entertain a deviant and violent sexual proclivity and HIDE this double-life and sleep like a newborn lamb for over 2 decades does not have the capacity to feel “shame.”

    When they SHOULD feel shame, they project it onto their targets. WE feel the shame FOR them, and this only feeds their arrogance and audacity to move to the next level. Murder, perhaps? Not out of the question with these people.

  6. I believe the psychopath’s arrogance, narcissism, monstrous egotism is also a cover for shame, and that they are totally aware of the emotions they evoke in others and have learned to manipulate us as if we’re puppets on strings.

    The psychopath who showed you all of his perverted sex toys was displaying them so you could experience his shame for him, absolutely, and he could attack you for being “the cause” of it.

    Evil is how M. Scott Peck described them, and I can sure resonate with that concept! However it doesn’t seem to get to the core “what” of a psychopath, which I am certain is shame.

    The rage that spews out of them when they are confronted and exposed – and even if they deny and hide the rage (and we know how they can act cool as cucumbers and be unbelievably calculating) – the rage is also a disguise for shame.

    I’ve seen psychopaths act shamed, even act as though they have some healthy shame, but they’re only mirroring what they know is expected of them from “the enemy.”

    The only single word that comes to my mind to describe psychopaths besides the word “evil” is the word “taker.” Even their acts of generosity are schemes in order to take – for the purpose of controlling, shaming, destroying. A psychopath has nothing to give at all. Everything is about the taking, like a walking Hoover.

  7. Yes, a walking Hoover or a slot machine, although there are many people out there that are slot machines, self-centered egocentric and it is within “normal” limits. I’m not sure where is the border to become a psychopathy.
    I think it is the fact that it is premeditated and organized, somebody said the legal term here before: malice aforethought?

    It is all the capital sins together: wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.


    The seven deadly sins, also known as the capital vices or cardinal sins, is a classification of vices (part of Christian ethics) that has been used since early Christian times to educate and instruct Christians concerning fallen humanity’s tendency to sin. In the currently recognized version, the sins are usually given as wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.
    The Catholic Church divides sin into two categories: venial sins, in which guilt is relatively minor, and the more severe mortal sins. Theologically, a mortal or deadly sin is believed to destroy the life of grace and charity within a person and thus creates the threat of eternal damnation.
    “Mortal sin, by attacking the vital principle within us – that is, charity – necessitates a new initiative of God’s mercy and a conversion of heart which is normally accomplished [for Catholics] within the setting of the sacrament of reconciliation.”[1]
    According to Catholic moral thought, the seven deadly sins are not discrete from other sins, but are instead the origin (“capital” comes from the Latin caput, head) of the others. “Deadly sins” can be either venial or mortal, depending on the situation, but “are called ‘capital’ because they engender other sins, other vices”.[2]

    The eternal damnation part is similar to the Hasnamuss idea by Gurdieff. The only difference and it is a BIG one is that according to the Catholic Church there is a “threat of eternal damnation” and a chance to be saved/converted, whereas for Gurdieff, Hasnamusses have lost forever the chance to “wake up” spiritually.

  8. Maria,
    that’s interesting, thanks for that wiki definition. I was thinking some similar thoughts recently about the “degree” of sin and the labels we apply to people, just to try to wrap our brains around their behavior. What you wrote about, is like the DSM IV except that it talks about the soul and eternal life.

    Ancient Heart,
    Hoovering, yep. When people use the word “selfish” to describe them, it seems like a misnomer because we think we know the meaning of selfish. After all who hasn’t been selfish in their life? right? But there is a type of selfishness that we can’t even begin to imagine. When we finally get a glimpse of this type of selfishness, it takes your breath away. Selfish to the utter and complete exclusion of any other possibility. As you said: a vacuum.

    • Selfish is an understatement. The total lack of regard, respect, care, concern for anyone other than ones self is SO far beyond selfish! I swear there were times during this relationshit that my mind and my heart were so, just……obliterated by his callous disregard for my feelings and or needs……I did say that I felt like killing myself and I DID “FEEL” like killing myself. I absolutely could not take in or comprehend the blatant cruelty and disregard that I was experiencing. My mind was smoking with confusion. I couldn’t even begin to imagine loving someone and causing them so much hurt intentionally and it was intentional.
      I remember one time some terrible event and i was SO hurt and so upset and I was away with a friend but talking with him on the phone as he was trashing me emotionally….OMG…anyhow, he finally said, why don’t you come back to the house and we can talk about things together. So I did and when I got home, he was nowhere to be found, wouldn’t answer his phone, texts, emails……Just MEAN! Off drinking it up with his buddies. Unreal.

      • Dorothy,
        my spath said the same exact thing, “come home, I’ve cleaned the house.” But I didn’t come home for a couple of days and he wasn’t there, as expected. And the only thing clean in the house was the refrigerator. It was empty.

        There is much more to discuss about the difference between guilt and shame.

        • Skylar, in the Stalking the Soul book it starts off talking about the difference between Guilt and Shame. Guilt is something you feel for what you have done, Shame is something you have for what you “are”. I did something bad vs I am something bad. They say there is healthy shame which alerts you to things you need to look at and address in your self and life. I believe that is what I experienced shortly after I quit drinking this most recent time. I looked at the way I had been conducting my self and saw that it was time for that to stop because I KNOW I am more than those behaviors and I was dishonoring my true self by drinking and carrying on (at my age especially). There was nothing to really feel guilty about so I think what I experienced was healthy shame?
          I said in an earlier post that I wasn’t really ashamed of my earlier drinking days behavior but maybe I am/ was? My head is spinning with all of this!
          My drinking was really not a physical addiction. It did not continue to escalate, I went through no physical withdrawals when I quit. If anything it decreased in frequency(from when I was in my 20s and 30s) until I hooked up with Spathx when it did increase till I quit.

  9. Sky, Dante wrote about the “Circles Of Hell,” as he perceived them to be. “Betrayal” was the worst sin of all, and I often pondered this concept. HOW could “betrayal” be even remotely considered a “worse sin” than murdering a child? I know that I’ve typed this on numerous occasions, but I was in discussion with my son, Bob, about this very topic. He explained that even a victim of murder has “an end” to their suffering, albeit a violent end. But, there comes an end, nonetheless.

    For a victim of “betrayal,” they must wake up, each day, and carry the weight of that betrayal with them for the rest of their lives, regardless of how far they are in their recovery. Each day, they relive the betrayal, in some fashion or to some degree. Whether we’re posting our comments and responses on a blog, speaking to a counseling therapist, or muddling through the “trust issues” that resulted from the betrayal, we live with the carnage, EACH DAY.

    Envy and “gluttony” are the roots of betrayal, I am convinced. And, I don’t mean “gluttony” with relation to consuming vast amounts of food. To me – and, this has been a recent thing – “gluttony” represents amassing or taking things like money, trust, sex, etc….just taking more than one is morally, ethically, and legally entitled to.

    The exspath engaged in “gluttony” and fed his envy by cleaning me out, financially. The result? Instead of making things right and paying back what he believed he was entitled to, he has “moved on” without one scintilla of guilt OR shame for his actions.

    Spaths engage in “gluttony” because “envy” drives them to want what they do not have. So, one thing replaces another, whether it’s money, drugs, sex, status, or cars. There’s not enough in the WORLD to fill the void of a spath…….

    • Truthy, Betrayal to me is a form of abandonment, abandonment combined with deception. The aftermath of this feels like a form of >>>ongoing torture<<<<. The never ending "whys", the memories that now feel like poison to my mind and heart. The empty shocked humiliation of having believed him to what ever degree I did or didn't.
      He took nothing from me, nothing physical really. He did kind of sponge off of me, not entirely but somewhat. It was my house, I paid the bills, etc….. I have never ever felt something like this during or after a relationship. And to know that he is right back to exactly where he was before we met, mommy's basement being taken care of like a teenager and off partying it up with his ""friends"", like nothing ever happened, doesn't skip a beat,,,,,,,is salt in the wound like I can barely live with.
      My only strategy that seems to work to some degree is to look at him objectively and analytically and try to disengage from any good feelings I ever had about him. I just see him as a disgusting creature now. and I wonder if that is spiritually wrong. Do they deserve forgiveness? Are they even human?

  10. Dorothy, every individual that I have ever spoken with or “known” who was in recovery from a sociopathic entanglement suffered – whether it was emotionally, physically, financially, sexually, or spiritually, they were completely dismantled and left for dead.

    You asked if it was “spiritually wrong” to view another human being as a disgusting creature, and I cannot answer that for you. I can type about how I perceive my spirituality and it is NOT based upon man’s edicts with regard to what they believe that God (Great Creator, Jehovah, Vishnu, whomever) demands. If a person DOES things that are morally and ethically WRONG with the INTENT to take, harm, and dismiss, then I have no use for them.

    One of the difficult things that I’ve noticed with regard to those in recovery is that their religious/spiritual beliefs are a serious source of angst, me included. I was raised to “forgive” and offer the “benefit of the doubt” and a “second chance.” After all, this is what followers of Jesus’ teachings are supposed to aspire to, right? NOPE. I do not recall a single passage that quotes Jesus as saying, “Suffer at the hands of another person’s deliberate actions borne of malice, and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.” That is NOT what “…turn the other cheek…” means. It doesn’t mean to SUFFER, willingly, to be a “good” human being.

    So, for me, the human interpretation of what constitutes a “good” person from a “bad” person is strictly based upon malicious intent. Calling a “spade” a “spade” does NOT make someone a “bad” person. If the truth is uncomfortable or unpleasant, tough sh*t. It is what it is and cannot – CAN NOT – be renegotiated into something more palatable or comfortable. Sociopaths are, in my most humble opinion and belief, mimics of humanity – they simply mimic human behavior and do not have a conscience, empathy, or sense of remorse. Therefore, the only conclusion that I can come up with that makes any sense, whatsoever, is that they do not possess a soul, as I interpret that to be. “Disgusting creature” is not a sinful declaration, Dorothy – it is truth, unpleasant though it may be.

    You mentioned that the spath was living in his mommy’s basement and living the high life with his “friends.” It seems as if he has not a single care in the world, right? I often deal with the same bitterness and confusion – HOW can a person just go on their merry way as if they did nothing wrong or hurtful? Well, they do it because they CAN. And, rest assured, the spath is NOT living the “high life” with all of his “friends.” Those people who are around him are not friends, by any stretch of the imagination. They are parasites and fellow predators with no more use than a disposable lighter has. Once the fluid is gone, the lighter is in the trash.

    Abandonment is a type of betrayal, Dorothy, but it is something that has many, many facets, along with other issues that I’m dealing with. Being abandoned is something that I developed IN MY HEAD, at a very early age. Based upon THAT, I have made very stupid choices throughout my lifetime because of my fear of abandonment. This is something that I’m working like a fiend to resolve within my own Self. Nobody has the ability to “abandon” me as long as I have a strong, healthy Self that can provide validation to me. That is the milestone that I’m striving to reach: the ability to provide EVERYTHING that I need to my Self, by my Self.

    • Truthy, Thank you……..Huge {{{HUGS}}} to you. You are so wise.
      The forgiveness issue is not something I mean to incorporate further suffering at his hand with. I just wonder if I’m supposed to forgive him no matter how much suffering he has brought to my life. Like the passage…..”Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do”?
      I’ve never known this degree of hurt and damage. I’ve never felt this level of disgust for someone who has been part of my life. I just don’t know what to make of any of it.
      I’ve been reading the book, Stalking The Soul and I think I am shame based. 🙁 I know i feel like i’m defective, high maintenance, I don’t know how to work on that. I just don’t. My “therapy” since all of this has happened has never felt productive and I don’t know how to really change that.
      I know I try to be a good person and keep myself in check. I don’t WANT to hurt anyone and I LOVE to help someone if they need it or ask for help. idk…….I read this list of signs that mean you are shame based and I said yes to almost all of them!
      I guess I just don’t feel like I have a handle on me or my life in so many ways.
      It sounds like you have found something in your recovery that is really helping you move forward and heal. Thats wonderful Truthy!
      I’m happy for you and I’m sure there are many things you are facing and dealing with that are not easy or without pain.
      I question my ability to do whats necessary. I’m pulled in so many different directions all the time I just feel like I’m spinning my wheels.

    • Truthspeak, I essentially resolved my old abandonment stuff by connecting with nature and animals, which I consider to be a much, much saner existence, it’s a realm of real innocence.

      I’ve encountered nothing but disappointment with every so-called spiritual book I’ve come across. Bits and pieces of stuff seemed to resonate, then WHAM, back to the same old patriarchal sado-masochistic BS. I came upon one book recently which I really liked a lot, then came to find out it had the same old agenda when the icing was stripped off the cake. Typical: reel them in with some truth, and then sneak in the cr*p.

      The trigger is the need! You’re already connected, it’s the belief and illusion you aren’t connected that is what psychopaths hone in on. Psychopaths will try to take you out either way, of course, because they want what you have, and they’ve willfully locked themselves inside a hall of mirrors and imprisoned themselves in their illusions.

      Fish don’t need bibles, birds don’t need churches, animals don’t worship, they live in silent knowing within the truth. I’m already connected and always was. Even psychopaths are connected to the elements by default, which must INFURIATE them LOL, since they believe everything and everyone is beneath them.

      Psychopaths have totally abandoned life, believing it abandoned them, and everyone and everything is going to PAY. You aren’t abandoned, Truthspeak, if you believe you have any abandonment issues you are buying into a psychopath tape that you have the power to erase.

      Our natural invisible web of energy of life has been co-opted by psychopaths and they’ve twisted everything into a dark mommy archetype, such as “The Matrix.” Gimme a break LOL! It’s become so obvious. Seems that everything bounces back in the mirror to a mommy thing. If you look at the world wide “web,” all it is is a simulation of the real and natural connectedness of life. If you see it for what it is, a copy, a man-made simulation, you can still use it but know it’s a copy, an imposter.

      We must seem insane to the natural world. Nearly every single one of us must seem like a psychopath if one looks at our day to day BS through the eyes of a flower, a honeybee, an elephant.

      I believe the truth of spiritual connection is all around us, and we are made up of the very elements, water, fire, earth, air, like everything else – but there’s no need to worship anything or make up something to worship. The minute we worship something we create imbalance. A predator and prey. Shame and envy. Sacrifice and scapegoat. Caste systems, religions, etc. Nothing is higher or lower. As Viktor Schauberger said, “Comprehend and copy nature.” The natural world is a teacher.

      I know there are carnivorous animals in nature and I haven’t resolved what to me seems a paradox, because I don’t like the idea of a pack of lions taking down a baby. This is super cool video, this herd of water buffalo turned around and saved their baby:

      I’m beginning to feel that most if not all religions have their foundation in humans trying to be something they aren’t, make up something that isn’t, in order to put themselves on some sort of pedestal. We are water, fire, earth, air, like everything else, and something powers it all – ok. What is just is, but no, humans, clever but arrogant and insecure little monkeys that they are, make up stories about gods and myths to give themselves a sense of self-importance because they divorced themselves from their connection with nature and decided they were “special.” Their “special” blessing of intelligence they’ve made their own curse. Yes, I’m guilty the same ignorance.

      I like to consider all of this – life – as a big womb made by a great maternal “something,” that’s how I view it and it works for me. I don’t feel abandoned. It’s easier to throw away the cr*ppy upbringing, all the negative tapes that stuff leaves you with when you find and connect with your real mom, who lets you be but you stay connected. You resolve the paradox of being an individual as well as united. That’s my two cents or what I found works for me.

      I have lots of hunches about the natural world and have a feeling it is laughing at us as we make up religions and other fantasies, while it just sits there with the truth hidden in plain sight.

      Empathy unlocks everything.

      One day I hope to read some of Girard’s books, if I can get them reasonably priced I’ll see if I can pick them up.

      Oh, and I want to share this, I think it’s a GREAT portrayal of what a psychopath really is and does to himself when you take away his props LOL:


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