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  1. By the way, there is another blog I frequent for support on psychopathy. And I have to say, on that blog there is advertising all over the place “is your boyfriend cheating on you” and all these crazy sidebars and ads. I understand why the blog owner does it, but it honestly interfered with my recovery. I got side tracked with some of those banner ads and did that instead of focusing on WHY WAS I INVOLVED WITH A SPATH.
    Thanks for a clean site.

  2. LOL! Athena, I did put some ads in. Everybody else is doing it so I thought I’d fit in. How mimetic of me! 🙂

    Mostly you just have to deal with all the Greek statues staring blankly at you.

  3. Hi Skylar

    This is an honest question with no pun intended or any fanatical political hatred.

    After reading several of these articles and many others along with having lived with someone of this nature for many years, I seem to see a familiar spirit of the same kind in President Obama.

    Has anyone ever written a psych evaluation on him specifically geared toward his Presidency and how and where he is leading America, such as you have for the Penn State / Sandusky history of events?

    I would be interested in reading it if you or anyone knows where I could read any such evaluation.

    I would be interested in reading yours if it is as detailed and very well written where a layman could understand it just as you did with Penn State.

  4. reallypsyched,
    I got your email. Yes I did write all the articles on this blog, just forget to sign them sometimes. 🙂

    I haven’t read any psych evaluation on President Obama.
    It would be difficult to do since we don’t know the reasons why he makes the decisions he does. We know what he SAYS are his reasons, but in his job, I doubt he discloses the truth about much. To do so would be political suicide.

    Psychopathy and politics go hand in hand. Just about everyone who is attracted to power has to be on the narcissistic spectrum.

    Here’s an article about presidents and psychopathy

    As far as where Obama is leading this country…do you really think he is doing the leading? There are too many powerful forces involved to give Obama all the credit. I’d say he’s more of a puppet.

    Looking at his background and how dysfunctional his upbringing was, I would say that he was primed to be manipulated by psychopaths or to become one himself –maybe a little of both.

    From a Girardian standpoint, Obama is fascinating because he makes a perfect scapegoat. Why? Because he is “different”. A scapegoat must be “different” from the rest of the population as evidence of his guilt.

    As the only president of African American heritage and he belongs to a group (of white male presidents since he is half white) but yet he doesn’t. Traditionally, all scapegoats are brought in from the margins of society. They are substituted for the guilty people who are more fully integrated into the social circle and can’t be punished without creating more violence.

    Even more fascinating is how many people don’t believe that he was born in the US. That makes him even more of an outsider, more “different”.

    The fact that 2008 was the year the economy tanked and also the year that we had TWO outsiders running for office (Clinton would have been an outsider too, as the only woman president) is interesting. No matter who won, the scapegoat, would be made responsible for the sins of the people who were in power when the crisis was created. So either a woman or an African American would be the perfect choice.

    • Thanks Skylar

      I was watching the news this morning on the Middle East attacks on the American embassies. The reporters and guests of them kept using the words that Obama is naive, fearful, scared, unsure of himself, can’t make decisions etc.etc…

      I find it hard to believe that, yes the puppet, can get into the position of President with those kinds of characteristics.

      One could only see that his reason is to do the job his superiors (not Americans) told him to do when they put him in office which would be to bring America down. You can’t have a superpower when your goal is to have a one world government.

      It would take a psychopath to go in and have the audacity to methodically tear down a country’s constitution and be able to deceive most people while they are doing it. He is the perfect man for the job. A job unfortunately for us, well done.

      Thanks for the link I will check it out.

  5. Human sacrifice was a means of keeping order and a means of population control. The killing of kings is much like the primate world of the most powerful ape being in charge and mating with all of the females in the tribe. When a younger, stronger ape came along the old king was killed or ostracized and the killer became king. Even infanticide is similar to male animals eating their young or preferable, the offspring of other males to assure that their own genes prevail. Infanticide in the past and present in 3rd world nations provides a means of controlling the survival of more wanted and useful offspring with the females being killed most often because they were not warriors, hunters or farmers. Male dominance has been a part of our culture since the beginning of time…or at least since the overthrow of matriarchal cultures.

    Humanity is not civilized, or civilization is not all it is all it is cracked up to be. It seems that recently and within my lifetime I have seen that our culture rewards the psychopath more and more as they climb to the top of our corporations and government over the dead souls and bodies of their rivals and victims.

    Why do we finally see them for what they are and so many others do not is the question that baffles me. It terrifies me seeing them everywhere now when I used to be like everyone else and believed that pure evil did not exist. Is there a reason? Can they be stopped or are we simply blessed with the insight of seeing a phenomenon that cannot be stopped?

  6. Betsy,
    We haven’t changed at all, we’ve only hidden our behaviors under different justifications.

    There were some primitive tribes who chose the new king but before he was installed into office, they would slander him, insult him and accuse him of all kinds of names. Does that remind you of anything? Like maybe our election process?

    We “kill” our kings after 4 or 8 years, too. Not killed dead necessarily, but we get rid of them all the same.

    Girard unveils all these mechanisms so clearly for us.

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