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  1. Dorothy, we have some links here about Ramachandran and his research with phantom limbs from a month or so ago. Here is one that was posted, if you hadn’t seen it yet I think you’ll enjoy it:


    Your article on smoke and mirrors is beautiful, Skylar.

    The language and symbolism that deMause used to analyze a variety of groups, individuals, and media speaks to our unconscious. It’s a neat way to read what anyone – including ourselves – writes to find the unconscious meaning. Extremely cool!

    The language of “smoke and mirrors” from the myth of Tezcatlipoca, for instance: my first thought was the symbolism of fire (smoke) and water (mirror). Psychopaths use mirroring (water) to poison and pollute, and to borrow from one of your earlier analogies, to “suck the happiness out of the world.” And leave a scorched desert, the wasteland of a dried up rotten placenta. How’s that for a psychopath’s very own “boutique” inner landscape LOL.

    Our unconscious (water) appears to be both the “place” of vulnerability, i.e., our own humanity, where we become victims of psychopaths, and the “place” where we can restore and re-empower ourselves. That primal place of the unconscious is what the psychopath is after and therefore why it can be so devastating. No wonder the favorite targets of psychopaths are children and animals.

    Infants are 99% water at birth. When we age and die we dehydrate to 50% of our body weight. If Benveniste and Emoto are onto something about water being a carrier of memory, there may be an invisible communications in our brain makeup, with our receptors, neurotransmitters and mirror neurons, that involve water. And therefore deMause’s theories make sense and correlate with that since the fetus and early infant are almost entirely made of water, therefore the primal consciousness is exceptionally powerful. And the symbolic representation of the unconscious is water.

    What is metaphorical certainly feels real and can possibly be scientifically verified.

    I’m going to get to know more about primal therapy and Arthur Janov. I think the keys to healing from having been slimed by a psychopath are there.

      • Very interesting Ancient Heart.
        I’m not sure that I agree with everything he says 100% but I found some of it very profound. For example, he talks about therapists who tell clients that they must learn to love themselves. It seems impossible if we were never loved as children. But he says:

        What they can retrieve is reality; feeling unloved. And dialectically, that will finally enable them to feel loved again. The repressive barriers have been penetrated and there is again access to real feelings and the ability to feel real love.

        It’s about making a commitment to reality by coming out of the defensive mechanism of denial. It’s like Jesus said, “the truth shall set you free.”

        • There are about 4 years of archived articles on Mr. Janov’s blog, I have a whole bunch of reading now LOL!

          I think the gist of Janov’s therapy is that “the only way out is through.” Just like the only (natural) way out of the womb is through the birth canal. As Viktor Schauberger said about water, “Comprehend and copy nature. ”

          Yes, absolutely, that path is a commitment to truth.

          • Ancientheart,
            I’ll take a look at more of those articles.

            Getting out by going through is scary! But the only other choice we have is to stay in the womb and never grow.

    • AncientHeart. Yes, I had watched at least one of his videos when I saw that you had posted a link. Thank you. It’s all fascinating.
      I’ve always been very vulnerable emotionally for a variety of reasons and an easy target for men who have no scruples but my love hunger issues have brought a lot of that on myself. If I am indeed Aspergers, that combined with FASD and adoption/ abandonment issues makes for a sitting duck. I just want to cry. To the casual observer, I may sound like I’m feeling sorry for myself. Maybe I am but I also have a terribly huge sense of vulnerability. And a crushing sense of loneliness. It’s not that I can’t be by myself ………it’s something different. A longing to bond maybe. To be held and protected. It’s horrible because it feels so deep, old, primal. I don’t know how I can ever heal something like that.
      The last thing in the wold I want to admit or have be true is that I was toyed with and used by Spath. I want it all to be a misunderstanding. Maybe he is Aspergers and the combination of the two of us and our damage and unmet needs and expectations, my inability to be gentle and patient with him, myself……maybe all of it just exacerbated all of it. Maybe we destroyed each other..it’s the not knowing and the maybes that feel like they are eroding my mental health.
      Here’s another interesting thing about water…….he is a Pisces which is a water sign. I’m a Leo with many planets in the 12th house which is the house of the unconscious and ruled by Pisces. Too much water!! Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink.
      Emotions in motion. Rock the boat, don’t rock the boat baby, don’t tip the boat over! Lol

      • Dorothy,
        You’ve had to overcome a lot in your life. Abuse since before you were born! The thing to remember though, is that you made it, against all odds. You are here, you are learning, surviving and opening your eyes. That means you were meant to make it and your life has a purpose. We don’t always understand what that purpose was and why we had to suffer so much to get here.

        Just like the butterfly, who breaks out of the cocoon, it will make sense to you once you get through the hard stuff.

        • Skylar, Thank you for your validation and encouragement. The breaking out of the cocoon feels too difficult but maybe that is just because the intensity of the Spath experience knocked the wind out of my sails. Maybe he poached my wind. And it’s winter……hibernation time anyhow, especially in the North country. Lots of inside time, no sunlight, etc. As an old friend of mine always used to say, it will shine when it shines.
          I loved this comment of yours above……”It’s about making a commitment to reality by coming out of the defensive mechanism of denial. It’s like Jesus said, “the truth shall set you free.”
          I’ve always been a seeker of truth, my mother was the queen of denial. Spaths spew untruths.
          I’m learning what is true about me through all of this, things that have been true for a long time but never understood. There is no one around me anymore who can try to invalidate that.

  2. Skylar, I’ve only read a few of Janov’s articles to date, so I may be putting the cart before the horse here –

    There appears to be no “spiritual” anything to his therapy, and there was an opinion by Janov that religion can be a substitute to mask pain rather than deal with the pain directly – yet the therapy appears to work because positive, loving mirroring and education are intrinsic to the ideology, methods and science behind the therapy. I can understand Janov’s statement that religion can be part of a defense mechanism which masks primal pain or meets primal need, and I also know for many people a spiritual belief improves their genuine well-being and quality of life.

    Primal therapy without some belief to fall back on could seem a too-threatening prospect if one perceives it as “I have to go back to THAT in order to hopefully endure less misery for what is left of my life, with no matrix to come back to except reality?” Can’t I just keep my ______, I’ve had enough pain thanks! No, primal therapy wouldn’t be a big seller on that premise LOL!

    But the fact that we can use our brains to repair our brains is pretty fantastic, isn’t it? And the brain can be tricked with a mirror in some cases to heal the pain of a non-existent limb. Or be tricked by a psychopath.

    What about Rupert Sheldrake and his morphic resonance theory, his successful experiments with telepathy? Many animals seem much more connected to that “whatever it is” than humans are. Another topic I’m exploring, while watching the disinfo land mines all over the Internet.

    Skylar, how do you make the emoticon of the smiley whose eyes are bugging out? That was adorable!

    • Ancient Heart,
      the emoticon is the word shock placed in between two colons “:shock:”

      I haven’t gotten to the place where my brain can heal my brain yet. I’m working on it.

      Rupert Sheldrake is a fascinating person!! Yes, I’ve looked into morphic resonance theory and I can “resonate” with it! lol!

      I’ve experienced it in homeopathy, personally and on the spath. Also, digital media is a perfect example of it: copy the pattern and replicate it using another medium which can be transmitted around the world using radio waves or telephone lines or whatever. It’s another way of experiencing mimetic theory too.

      • 😯

        I love that little shocker, thanks Skylar!

        Tonight I bounced from Sheldrake to Fritz Popp and Pjotr Gariaev on biophotons and DNA, LOL, but there’s a whole lot of hokey landmine websites on Gariaev, hard to find something that looks worth a read.

        Too bad they don’t have a homeopathic strychnine remedy for spaths. Do you have an emoticon for this?

        X X

        😯 LOL!

        Ok, in all seriousness, I used to use Bach’s Rescue Remedy for my horses and it does work. I’ve never used homeopathics but am certain they are tried and true. Apparently pretty recently they’ve proven homeopathy theory through magnetic resonance testing using Tesla coils and the homeopathic community are thrilled to have substantiated evidence now.

        • AncientHeart, About the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy…….last year when I had the first major breakup/ breakdown with Spath, I was getting no sleep, stress, poor diet etc. I had gone to the doctors several times and my blood pressure was high ( for me, it’s usually very low ).. I was sitting in the waiting area one time and just busying myself rummaging through my purse and found a bottle of RR, did the four drops and when I had my BP taken it was back low! This has happened to me twice. Maybe it was the low dose of alcohol, lol….my body saying ahhhhhh, yes, there it is!!
          Seriously, I had a dog with epilepsy and when he would seize I’d rub some on his gums and the episode would last half the time and be way less dramatic.
          I just need to remember to do it and that is the problem! ” shock”

          • Oops…..the Arsenic remedy I had purchased when my dog was in liver failure, long ugly story. It’s supposed to help them let go and move into death. I never used it, long story, and he ended up living two more years on a different diet.

        • Ancient Heart,
          here’s a list of all the emoticons that wordpress will take.
          I wish there were more or that I could make my own but I haven’t found a solution that is quick and easy, for adding other symbols to a wordpress blog.

          Dorothy and Ancient Heart,
          as for homeopathics, I once bought these homeopathic stress mints. http://www.glamour.com/health-fitness/blogs/vitamin-g/2010/10/i-tried-it-stress-mints–pop-o.html

          Notice, the reviewer accepts that the effect on her may have been placebo. Well, I bought these and put them in a candy dish in my car once, before I had to take a long drive with the spath. I knew he would make my life hell on the road, so I wanted to see if these would calm him. Just as I had assumed, as soon as I started to eat a couple, his mimetic envy kicked in and he began gobbling them down. After few minutes he asked, “What are those?”
          I said, “Mints.”
          He asked, “Are they supposed to do anything?”
          I said, “They’re stress mints, they’re supposed to make you less stressed. Why?”
          He said, “Because they made me feel less stressed. And I don’t like it.”

          LOL. The truth is, I didn’t notice any effect on myself at all.
          Maybe they only work on spaths!!! bwahahahahaha!

          But anyway, I’ve been investigating homeopathics for spaths and there are some for spath symptoms. If I recall, one of them is scorpion, another is snake venom, (lachesis).

          here’s a link

          • That is most interesting, Skylar – scorpion and snake venom homeopathics. How appropros!

            What a bizarre remark by the psycho that he didn’t want to be less stressed. To have any healthy emotional states would be so evil LOL.

            Thank you for the link to the emoticons, they have quite a few there, too 🙂

          • Ancient Heart,
            The spath liked to get himself worked up into a frenzy so that he could attack me with more venom. It appears that I short circuited his frenzy and he had to sit quietly all during the car ride. too bad. 😆

            I’m sure that his intent was to get me so upset that I would have an accident.

            I’ve been reading about autism/aspergers and homeopathics. There are other remedies out there with interesting case histories in children. Because there is a correlation between psychopathy and autism I think that perhaps we’ll find that the same remedies affect both problems.

            Still, I would hesitate to rush to celebrate until the kids who were “cured” of autism grew up. For all we know, “curing” them could just turn them into spaths.

  3. This is from the second article ……….

    So why is their lives such a mess; and it nearly always is. Because they cannot love anyone. The unloved children go to a therapist who claims: you have to love yourself. What nonsense. How can you when there is nothing inside to do that? That is a double mind-fuck. Now the children have to wonder, “What’s wrong with me” Why can’t I love myself? And if they imagine that they can love themselves then all is lost because they have bought the fantasy without the essence. If they knew anything about neurophysiology they would know that you cannot love yourself unless you totally distort the meaning of love, and neurologically there is a critical period when you can be loved and only during that period. If you try to “love yourself” at age forty, good luck. You need to be loved when the critical period for love is relevant and that is during gestation and infancy. That sets your life.


    OMG. I’m not sure what to think but the term ” love yourself ” has always baffled me. I interpret it as respect yourself, stick up for yourself.

  4. Skylar!!!!! I’m reading Arthur Janovs blog post from January, How To Make A Cure, 1&2.
    He also has a book, Life Before Birth!
    OMG “shock” I think I have inadvertainly stumbled on to something with him. This all applies to me in every way possible.

  5. That is his opinion, based on his knowledge, research and experience. I have only begun reading his blog articles and so far I think he has a ton of understanding to offer. I really am digging deMause’s psychohistory articles too.

    I don’t take everything one person says as gospel, however. As for the impossibility of self-love without the early experience to provide a foundation, I’m not so sure about that which is why I began exploring Popp, Sheldrake, and Gariaev, Ramachandran, for instance. The brain and consciousness are only beginning to be explored.

    • In checking out one of Janov’s articles from his March 2009 archives he mentioned oxytocin’s role in birth, breastfeeding and overall maternal bonding, but apparently it’s pretty much a one-shot deal.

      So I went on a trek through other articles about oxytocin, and lord almighty there are scads of wonder drug articles LOL touting oxytocin as the magic bullet, chemical “love” spray, you name it.

      I did find some articles I really liked and want to share about oxytocin:

      First, here’s a short bare bones description:


      Here is another website with links to more goodies about oxytocin and empathy, the light and dark side, so to speak:


      Pedophiles apparently have “oxytocin dissonance” with regard to their love/sex objects.

      People with addictions to an abusive intimate partner obviously are selling themselves out for some oxytocin cuddles, and paying an enormous price for that stimulation.

      There was mention in a couple of articles I scanned about synthetic oxytocin discussing the damage it can cause; apparently the natural form of oxytocin transmitted and received by humans and other mammals pulses, where the synthetic oxytocin, pritocin can’t do that, it can’t mimick the real thing and can be a bad juju.

      Natural oxytocin apparently is produced by gentle touch, massage, by loving bonds with animals and nature, so I don’t believe that people who didn’t get the “one-shot deal” during the fetal/material/infancy and early childhood stage have no way to experience love, but I sure see how the earliest memories set the stage, absolutely, for countless perversions and addictions as mother-substitutes.

      And oxytocin is no magic bullet because it’s involved with and dependent upon other neurological coordinates and their functions; it’s pretty pathetic there are so many schlepps marketing oxytocin as the magic answer and ignoring the holism of the brain.

      So fricking complex but so fascinating.

      Primal therapy as far as the limited understanding I have of it thus far seems to address the bottom line. What I’m very curious about is the energetic component of consciousness and the brain and how a better understanding and experiencing of that in “real time” can contribute to primal healing and well-being too.

      • It’s always good to research before accepting anything as gospel truth. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a tendency to jump the gun LOL. The first two of Janov’s articles that I read I really, really liked, but here’s an instance, for example, where Janov’s statement about oxytocin is incorrect, from his March 29, 2009, article, “Oxytocin, Part 3/5,” he says the following:

        “…A mother giving birth who is under stress and great pain will have less oxytocin; (one reason why when it is injected it aids in childbirth)….”

        That statement isn’t borne out by evidence, in fact the opposite appears to be true:


        Janov made other remarks in that same article about the benefits of using Pitocin to induce labor; I’ve not seen him mention the medical profession’s and drug companies’ roles in screwing with the “industry of maternity” and contributing their share of damage to the fetal, birth and bonding processes. Hm. One to ponder….

        • I was talking to a friend today about petocin. She watches the shows about babies being born all the time,,,,,,Baby Story? Anyhow, in one of the Utube videos I watched today from Janovs Primal Therapy facility in CA, the woman said that the baby is the one who initiates the birth process, it releases a hormone that starts labor. I’m wondering if the in utero process gets messed up somehow, maybe the baby can’t signal the labor process and then they have to induce labor with petocin.
          Bio mom and I were probably both hammered during labor. She was in labor for 20 hours according to the info I have.
          I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be trapped in the womb with no ability to escape all of that booze. She smoked too.
          Nine months is a long time. Unreal…..

          • Here is the code for it from Skylar,

            a colon:

            don’t space, then type the word shock and put another colon right after it. “Hug” the word shock with the colons.

        • Yes, Ancientheart…..I’m settled down now about Janov!! It sounds extreme. I think you live out there and I thought I read something about a year? Can you imagine the cost?? John Lennon did some therapy with the guy. No lack for funds there!

      • AncientHeart. I have been touch starved from day one. Baby warehouse for nine weeks then off to the crazy adopted environment. I’m a oxytocin slut and its pretty clear to me now that in my past I was prostituting myself for touch.
        Damn cuddly Spath hooked me and date raped me using oxytocin. Truthfully though, the most genuine thing about him (seemed to be )was the hugs and cuddling/ holding. He really seemed to enjoy it?? Who really knows though. I hate that it could have been just another tactic. Turns my stomach and breaks my heart. I’ve never had something even come close to hurting this bad.

      • Ancient Heart,
        thanks for pointing out so much good information!

        I can’t remember where I saw this but oxytocin is also involved in schadenfreude. Here’s one link to an abstract:

        So it seems that the verdict on everything-oxytocin, is not in yet! It’s not just a “loooove drug”.
        Also, I’ve read that psychopaths have less oxytocin receptors in the brain, but they are also the most envious people of all, so how does that add up? It doesn’t.

        • The only answer I can come up with, since I still don’t understand beans about brain structure and function, is that a person’s will is a factor. For instance if a psychopath has fewer oxytocin receptors the distorted reality of the psychopath’s consciousness and will could counter it by going to the opposite pole extreme and exhibit gloating and envy. I wonder if a psychopath were experimented on and injected with synthetic oxytocin in normal or above normal amounts, if they would instead go into a panic or rage. Maybe oxytocin has the opposite effect – or no effect – on a psychopath, regardless. That’s the only thing that comes to mind for me. Really good question, Skylar.

          I really like Stephanie West Allen’s stuff that was linked on the mediate.com website, who’d think a lawyer would have such keen insight on all this?

          I lost my interest in Janov’s articles when I noticed he paid no attention to the medical field and drug industries’ accountability regarding birth trauma etc. and in fact seemed to gloss over that and make an incorrect statement to boot. We all know damn well the damage that’s been done. I was pissed.

  6. I found quite an unexpected eye opener about Dr. Hervey Cleckley, who wrote “Mask of Sanity.” The book is entitled “The Rape of Eve,” written by Dr. Colin Ross. I can’t find a publishing date, but I don’t think it’s very recent.

    Here’s the synopsis of Ross’s book about Cleckley and another “shrink” who wrote “The Three Faces of Eve,” after they molded her into a mind control victim, then they financially raped her when they published a book describing her “multiple personalities:”


    Here is Dr. Ross’s website, which is where I found out about the book:


    Cleckley’s been dead for 20 years but if you google his name he’s still heavily touted all over the Internet as one of the gods of understanding psychopathy. Go figure.

    I certainly hope Dr. Ross’s book gets the attention and publicity it deserves.

  7. Skylar I am finally getting around to reading some more of your articles and this one is a jewel. I am so impressed with your writing skill, besides your ability to see through the smoke and mirrors of how the psychopaths bring us down. You are so right, once they have you involved in their illegal activities, then you are like in the Mafia, you can’t get out, you’43 in too deep.

    In the case of one of the worst pedophiles, over 1500 kids in 20 years in scouting, Charles “jackie” Walls III, who is now doing life without parole in Arkansas, he also had some “scape goats” that earlier when the Scouts kicked him out, but didn’t notify the police, which at that time was how the BSA handled things, Jackie had minions that kept quiet and he even went to a national Jamboree under a fake name, but was dumb enough to get his photo made with a group.

    His father was a Judge, and as honest a man as ever lived, but when there was suspicion early on, he used his power to help protect Jackie, and I will believe til my dying day that Jack Sr. would NOT have protected Jackie if he had believed Jackie was guilty. He never came to the trial, though Jackie’s sisters did, as he had molested one of his nephews who then killed himself.

    One of Jackie’s victims told his parents, then told Jackie that he had told, and Jackie told him he had to kill them, so the boy did kill his parents and sister, and of course got caught as most 15-16 year olds would do. This then exposed Jackie and the victims started coming out of the woodwork. Jack Sr. locked himself in the house and was filled with shame, not only about Jackie but about the fact that he had been involved in the first “cover up” and because of that, three people had died.

    Jack Sr. was a close friend of our family’s and I knew his honesty and moral standing, he had once sent a close friend to federal prison for fraud, and I knew Jackie, he worked with my now ex husband, and I knew he was an arse h_le, but I NEVER suspected he would do what he did with the kids.

    I Knew one other pedophile who went to prison, got caught with kiddie porn and did some time in federal prison, got out and got a job working with KIDS at the local history museum, and then rejoined our living history group. I started raising holy hades with the president of our group, a man I think is a psychopath anyway, and his response was “well he did his time, we can’t toss him out” so, I partnered with several other women in the group, and called the man’s parole officer (federals do care about their reputation) and told him that if he didn’t get this guy, Named Jack P. out of our group I would be on the governor’s steps with news cameras there, screaming HIS name. I also called the direcotr of the museum and told him about the criminal conviction. He fired him.

    Every time he got a job it was WORKING WITH KIDS, and the gals and I would then send a copy of his PUBLIC INFORMATION ABOUT HIS CRIME to them, and he got fired. His wife was a school teacher and she “stood by her man” throughout all this, and so we would send this same information to the superintendent of her school just to warn them.

    Years went by and I sort of stopped following Jack P.’s career as I was sidetracked with Patrick’s stuff, the death of my husband and other things, and Jack P slipped back into working with another museum as a volunteer…and the director didn’t know about Jack P’s record, so someone told her and she called the local PD who brought Jack in for a talk….then Jack went home, called the PD and said “I’m going to kill myself, here is where you will find my body” and he blew his brains out. Oh, well, I’m sorry that anyone was that determined to be around kids and that when he knew his number was up and that he would not be able to slip back into the community unnoticed, he decided life wasn’t worth living.

    I feel sorry for his wife….I ran into her about a year ago…she has aged 50 years in 10 and she looks like a shadow of herself. I didn’t recognize her. Someone told me about her and Jack’s suicide which I hadn’t known about.

    The psychopaths, and pedophiles in my opinion, are ALL psychopaths, will do whatever they have to do to put their shame on someone else and to CONTINUE to do whatever it is that rings their chimes, leaving their shame and slime on everyone around them.

    Educating the “masses” about psychopaths and what they do is an endless job. Thank you for this great article, Sky, I know it is a drop in the ocean but eventually even drops add up to oceans so we have to all keep on doing what we can do to educate others before they get burned, and to comfort and support the victims after they have been slimed.

  8. Oxy,
    it is an endless job, but we have the internet to help!
    I had a front row seat to the workings of the psychopath for 25 years, I just didn’t know what I was watching. I was so innocent that he didn’t even try to hide some of the stuff he did, he just gave it a different name, a new definition, and a new spin. And I believed. If it weren’t for the internet, I would still believe.

    It was only because I got to read all the stories of other victims that I began to see the patterns. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. So it’s all of our jobs, to unveil the patterns of the spaths so that everyone can recognize them instantly, without any doubt.

    Pedophiles are classic spath. They are attracted to innocence and they want to despoil it. Whether it’s your physical innocence or naivety or belief in human goodness, they envy it. I think that even if you only show a smidgen of it, like the State Penn leaders showed when they believed in Sandusky’s ability to be rehabilitated, for the psychopath that is enough. He wants to take it away.

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