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    • You know, Sky, reading that article above I was sort of stunned by the quote

      “I’m sexually attracted to girls. But girls are not sexually attracted to me. And there’s a major problem with that — a major problem. That’s a problem that I intend to rectify. I in all my magnificence and power, I will not let this fly. It’s an injustice that needs to be dealt with,” Rodger said in one of the videos.

      Not once did this man think that the reason girls would not be attracted to him might be THE WAY HE ACTED” SO he recognizes that the girls are not attracted (inspite of his fancy car and sunglasses) so he BLAMES THEM because they do not want to sleep with him.

      HE (in his mind) DESERVED to have women, beautiful women, not paid prostitutes, fall all over him sexually because he was SPECIAL. My take—this man was such a narcissistic psychopath and his frustration at not being adored drove him to seek revenge.

      The parents called the police on t his guy and the cops DROPPED the ball on this one just days before the rampage. but actually with this kind of character, only incarceration forever stops them. It was just a matter of time until he picked another venue.

      You are right though,many men’s attitudes about women are very demeaning.and women are seen in many parts of the world as chattel rather than human beings. Yesterday’s news reported a woman in Pakistan beaten to death by her family for marrying a guy they didn’t like and she was pregnant but her OWN FAMILY beat her to death to “recover their honor”

      It takes eons to change people’s prejudices, and now the “PC” culture of our society denigrates you if you don’t go along with today’s version of PC however repulsive it is to you. If you are not FOR this or that then that makes you a BIGOT and being a bigot today is like being a communist was in the 50s and 60s, it makes you totally worthless and open to attack.

      (shaking head here) having been a woman or girl my entire life, I am aware of how different cultures in our society view females versus males. In my own family, the male children were more valued, and my rural community it was that way to some extent pretty much right on up to present, though it is less than it was in earlier generations.

      Good link Sky, thanks.

  1. I watched some stuff on the internet yesterday, about this kid. I was really bummed that when they visited his apt. he was able to appear soft-spoken, non-threatening, and calm. He even wrote that if they had only checked his room he would have been busted.

    I saw the You tube video of him talking about being a 22 year old virgin, and how wrong he felt that was, and how he was going to rectify the situation. As he spoke he made sure his face was at a flattering angle, he looked to be posing for the camera, he pouted his lips. He was blaming, pity-ploying, and seducing all at the same time. It was obvious he was exhibiting some highly narcissistic traits.

    He showed many red flags. But, if the police weren’t willing or able to take his OWN PARENTS pleas for intervention with more seriousness, then how can someone so skilled at deception ever be intercepted?

    Sad, sad, sad…

  2. Slim, I haven’t watched any of his videos or read any of his writings because to me it is a waste of my time and energy. I save my empathy and concern for his victims, I don’t need or want to read his drivel…just hearing about it second hand is good enough for me. This young man I think you are right is HIGHLY narcissistic, b ut I think it goes even further into PSYCHOPATHY as well because no one but a psychopath has that much feeling of ENTITLEMENT. One of his friends said he tried to teach the guy how to “talk to girls” but that the guy wasn’t willing to learn anything, because, I think, he felt entitled to the girls throwing themselves at him and refused to think that maybe, just MAYBE that HE might be needing to change the way he treated others.

    Of course the fact that his parents were wealthy and treated him to all the expensive cars etc played into his feelings of entitlement. I don’t think his parents, who sound to me like good folks, realized what they were doing by indulging him so much, but they TRIED to get him help, tried to get the police to intervene. I think the cops DROPPED THE BALL big time by not investigating more. But you know, I can relate to the cops and others blowing off my warnings about my own son. Fortunately, SO FAR the parole board has listened to me.

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