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How Psychopaths Self-Sabotage. — 54 Comments

  1. Yesterday the chief pirate of Somalia (Mohamed Abdi Hassan, known as “Afweyne” or Big Mouth… the nickname says it all already) was arrested in the Brussels Airport. He’s been the main chief of all the pirate acts in the coast before Somalia for years. He retired recently, and the Somali president ‘pardoned’ him or protected him for his ‘mistakes that he was so sorry for now’ (still got to keep all the millions he earned with his hostage taking, etc). Two little pirate shrimps of his organization were already convicted in Belgium for taking a ship hostage several years ago; but these were low-end pirates, not the brains behind it. So undercover agents took months to establish contact with his assistant: so, why was he stupid enough to fly to Europe, to Belgium? They lured him to Brussels with a con: he was asked to advize on the making of a film about piracy; more particularly… the virtual film would mostly portray his life. It’s the narcissism and his ‘I’m invincible’ belief that got him to fly to Brussels. He was apprehended as soon as he got out of the airplane… LOL.

    On Al Jazeera they’re making fun of him over it.



    • Jill, the level of narcissism that spaths exhibit is jaw-dropping, indeed. They live in a Universe of One – they are the ONLY living organism and they are the ONLY rule-maker. All others are simply chattel that can be used, abused, and discarded like so many snot-rags.

      I often wonder how the exspath is basking in the fever-pitch popularity of the porn novel, “50 Shades Of Grey,” because it speaks directly to his predilections and has been marketed SO masterfully that it’s going to be made into a movie. EUGH……..It’s like Carly Simon sang, “You’re so vain………” LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

    • haha! This is funny, Jill. The article says that it took them months to convince him to come over, so he was suspicious. In the end, he couldn’t resist because he’s a narcissist and they need constant attention.

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