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  1. Skylar,

    It is interesting how spath got the helicopter (he borrowed the old one). But also so interesting then that he HAD to sabotage the new one. He couldn’t have his cake, but let the other guy ALSO have some. He had to ruin either the other guys thing, or kill the other guy.

    There is NO ability to find satisfaction in goodness (sharing, cooperation, reciprocity, kindness), only in destruction (scapegoating, killing, humiliation, shaming). And, like all scapegoating, the satisfaction is completely temporary…it has to be compulsively repeated to keep the scapegoater ‘high’, and alleviated of his discomfort.


  2. Slim,
    I believe the guy got tired of waiting to be paid. The deal was that spath would pay him “under the table” a small amount at a time. Spath told me he convinced, the guy, that this would be an opportunity for him to buy gold and keep a stash as a hedge and nobody would know about it. So you see, he tempted him to break the law and the guy agreed.

    Once the guy is guilty, he is also trapped. He can’t really go to the authorities with that story, can he? If he agreed to do something illegal, then he has to trust that spath would hold up his end of the bargain. That’s making a deal with the devil.

    In the end, spath couldn’t really risk that the guy would open his mouth and tell ANYONE how spath screwed him over. Because there is one thing he values and that is his mask. So he had to kill him. It’s why I’m quiet and don’t say anything to anyone about spath.

  3. I guess not! I don’t talk about the spaths/narc’s I’ve known either- and I don’t think any of them would murder me (call me naive!). So I can understand just staying away from spath as a direct subject.

    Better to do this blog, and talk about it in its totality.

    I spent time with my family this weekend. I did very well, and don’t have much emotional blow back, so I feel really good about that. But I do have a story to tell. I am trying to distill it, so I might be able to tell it here.

    It has to do with the rotten ‘perpetrator, rescuer, victim’ cycle of relating and communication. It is the standard in our family. The classic cycle of scapegoating. I am generally the scapegoat in my family. I am the emotional weather vane, the black sheep, the rebel, the good daughter, and the sweet one…all rolled into one!


  4. Slim,
    yep me too!
    maybe it’s because we have emotions. And they don’t!
    How can they scapegoat someone who won’t take responsibility?

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