Nov 192012
Why Do Psychopaths Lie?

Psychopaths lie all the time and it's perplexing to us.  Dr. Morgan Scott Peck titled his book on human evil, People of the Lie, because one of the most common traits of a psychopath is that they lie.  They seem to be compulsive liars. Why do they lie so much? They lie about important things…

Jun 132012
More Thoughts About the Role of Anger

I stumbled onto this excellent article that I'd like to share, Anger: Attachment and Neurobiological Perspectives.  It gives a thorough explanation of anger management styles and how they originate in attachment.  I think many of us will find it a useful tool for examining our own anger as well as that of people we know.…

May 222012
Steps to Healing from Domestic Abuse

A friend asked me this: What are the steps toward healing from an encounter with a psychopath? Validate that the abuse really happened. First, and most important is to be validated. An abuser understands that the abuse has more power when the victim is alone. Isolation doesn't have to be physical, just as violence doesn't…

May 172012
How Psychopaths Self-Sabotage.

The Shoes. One of my earliest memories is of learning to put on my own shoes. The first time I put on my black Mary Janes by myself, I proudly went to show my big brother. I was three and he was four.  He just looked at me and didn't say anything.  His lack of…

May 102012
Psychopaths Sabotage but Compassion Derails their Plans.

The Sabotage Have you ever had anyone plot to kill you, try to drive you to suicide through bullying or plan your financial ruin? It's hard not to take those things personally. It certainly feels personal. The attack is maliciously planned, often executed over years or even decades. They observe you for your reactions so…

Mar 312012
Psychopaths, Girardian Theory & The 180 Rule

Mythological Creatures For those students of Girardian Theory who have never met a psychopath, it might be shocking to see the parallels between the psychopath's behaviors and the behaviors described in the myths and rituals of primitive people. There might be some reluctance to believe that there walk among us, carefully disguised as charming and lovable…

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