Mar 012014
The Pearly Art of Communication

In the journey of the Pearl of Purity, we started by getting a more balanced view on responsibilities and learned to see how some often touted memes in our present day society - such as the laws of attraction -  are only age old scapegoating tactics used to distort our perception of how much control…

Jul 302013
Attraction by the Pearl of Purity

  The mythical 'law of attraction' is deeply ingrained in our society. But you are not responsible for who approaches you, only who you seek and keep in your life. The creation and growth of the Pearl of Purity starts with a proper view of responsibilities, moves on to optimal speech and actions and is…

Apr 112013
Precious Pearl of Purity – The Opposite Of Slime

Purity is not the same as innocence. You were born innocent. You did not know evil: you had no malice within and could not conceive of the idea of someone being malicious to you, let alone knew that people are able to mask their malice so well. When evil has touched you, harmed you and…

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