Jun 132012
More Thoughts About the Role of Anger

I stumbled onto this excellent article that I'd like to share, Anger: Attachment and Neurobiological Perspectives.  It gives a thorough explanation of anger management styles and how they originate in attachment.  I think many of us will find it a useful tool for examining our own anger as well as that of people we know.…

Apr 202012
Apocalypse of the Psychopath

Those who have experienced it, agree that psychopath encounters leave you feeling "d".  It's a sticky, contaminated feeling on your psyche. It's as if you've smelled something foul.  I've come to understand that the feeling of slime is actually shame.  Shame is a feeling so often misunderstood and unacknowledged that most of us don't recognize…

Mar 312012
What Is A Psychopath?

The question "what is a psychopath?" has so many answers that it remains undefined. The terms psychopath, sociopath and malignant narcissist are used interchangeably in today's popular culture. Even among professionals in the field of psychology, there is no one term that has been standardized and used by everyone to describe pathological narcissism.  I've chosen…

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