Nov 062013
Psychopath or Sociopath? What's in a Name?

I use the term "psychopath " to refer to a variety of disordered personalities whose interpersonal style is one of callous manipulation --in particular, those people who fall into the category of the Dark Triad, usually labeled narcissists, psychopaths and Machiavellianists.  Additionally,  you might be familiar with other terms used to describe these individuals: sociopath,…

May 132013
The Meaning of MacGuffin

Meaning is derived from experience. In our first encounter with something new, we don't know what to expect. What does it mean? We may be able to derive the meaning from context. Familiar things around the unfamiliar, help to define it. We make connections in our minds when we learn how the new, relates to…

Jun 082012
Rituals, OCD and Psychopathy

Rene Girard's book, Violence & the Sacred, describes rituals in primitive cultures that are eerily reminiscent of an experience with a psychopath. The cycles of "idealize, devalue and discard" familiar to those who have been in relationships with Cluster B personalities, are described in the sacrificial rituals of primitive tribes. In these rituals, sacrificial victims…

Mar 312012
Rene Girard's Mimetic Theory & The Scapegoat

Rene Girard, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University, began developing his theories over 40 years ago, while researching the great stories in literature.  He wanted to know what made these stories great and he discovered that they had some similarities.  He further began to research the rituals and  mythologies of primitive people.  He noted the same…

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