Nov 062013
Psychopath or Sociopath? What's in a Name?

I use the term "psychopath " to refer to a variety of disordered personalities whose interpersonal style is one of callous manipulation --in particular, those people who fall into the category of the Dark Triad, usually labeled narcissists, psychopaths and Machiavellianists.  Additionally,  you might be familiar with other terms used to describe these individuals: sociopath,…

Mar 182013
The Idealizing, Devaluing and Discarding of Jesus

Jesus' life-story, crucifixion and resurrection can be seen as an analogy to the psychological process that a survivor experiences during and after an encounter with a psychopath or cluster B disordered. It is an interpretation which may help both religious and non-religious survivors to find solace. My perspective of the New Testament, is not that…

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