Mar 012014
The Pearly Art of Communication

In the journey of the Pearl of Purity, we started by getting a more balanced view on responsibilities and learned to see how some often touted memes in our present day society – such as the laws of attraction –  are only age old scapegoating tactics used to distort our perception of how much control […]

Nov 062013
Psychopath or Sociopath? What's in a Name?

I use the term “psychopath ” to refer to a variety of disordered personalities whose interpersonal style is one of callous manipulation –in particular, those people who fall into the category of the Dark Triad, usually labeled narcissists, psychopaths and Machiavellianists.  Additionally,  you might be familiar with other terms used to describe these individuals: sociopath, […]

Oct 172013
Observing a Psychopath

Years ago, I rented a car and drove over a mountain pass to pick up the psychopath and his minion from his job site.  Psychopath rode shotgun while Minion sat behind him in the backseat. In my rearview mirror I could see Minion’s eyes and he could see mine. On the drive back I chose […]

Aug 292013
Why People Hate Skyler White on <i>Breaking Bad</i>

Actress Anna Gunn, the actress who plays Skyler White on Breaking Bad, writes OP-Ed for the NYTimes. The Breaking Bad Forums are filled with Skyler White haters and that hatred has even transferred to actress Anna Gunn, the actress who plays Skyler, as viewers begin to confuse the world of reality with the world of […]

Jul 302013
Attraction by the Pearl of Purity

  The mythical ‘law of attraction’ is deeply ingrained in our society. But you are not responsible for who approaches you, only who you seek and keep in your life. The creation and growth of the Pearl of Purity starts with a proper view of responsibilities, moves on to optimal speech and actions and is […]

Jul 052013
Scandal Must Come

On July 1, 2013, the Archbishop of Milwaukee, Jerome E. Listecki released almost 6000 documents related to his Archdiocese’s handling of the sex abuse cases.  Because of the current sex abuse scandal, the Catholic Church has an opportunity to teach and to lead on the topic of abuse.  It could examine the behaviors of the offender priests […]

Jun 212013
Revenge on a Psychopath

Revenge, justice, punishment.  These concepts are sometimes used interchangeably when discussing how we might respond to a psychopathic attack.  On the surface, an eye for an eye, may seem equitable and justified.  Beneath the surface, though, there is much more happening and sometimes we are unaware of, or misidentify, the consequences of retribution. I remember […]

Jun 192013

We’ve been discussing using cinema as a way to practice observing psychopathic behavior.  Well what about people in the news?  Russell Brand stopped by MSNBC’s Morning Joe to promote his new comedy tour “Messiah Complex”.  I think his behavior speaks for itself and I’m wondering if anyone else sees red flags. Mika Brzezinski, Katty Kay […]

Jun 142013
Psychopaths are Opportunists.

Four years ago, when I left the psychopath, I went to talk to his friends and minions.  Many were forthcoming with information.  One of them told me, “Spath said he was really bummed out about being old, fat and bald because he said it was harder to ‘get’ young girls.”  That would be a problem […]

May 132013
The Meaning of MacGuffin

Meaning is derived from experience. In our first encounter with something new, we don’t know what to expect. What does it mean? We may be able to derive the meaning from context. Familiar things around the unfamiliar, help to define it. We make connections in our minds when we learn how the new, relates to […]

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